Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

Nick runs into Rebecca at CL’s. Briefly mentioning the embarrassing encounter in her hotel suite, Nick updates that he’s no longer with Phyllis. Rebecca’s sorry to hear that (but doesn’t look it) She was pretty quick to pimp you out to make a deal. Hearing that Rebecca’s consulting for Billy, Nick wonders if that means she’s sticking around town. That depends on if she finds reason to.

It’s just an old picture of Lola. That you stare at sometimes? Summer scolds. She wasn’t snooping but it hurt her feelings to find the photo after they made love. Kyle will delete Lola. You’d to that for me? Yes, that would mean a lot, Summer’s pleased. Done – but Kyle doesn’t look happy when Summer hugs him.

At Rey’s, Sharon knows he must be out of sorts without his job on the force. You’re a hero in my eyes. Talk to Paul again – he’s a good man; tough but fair. Rey doubts Paul will change his mind. Sharon suggests he apply to neighbouring towns. Rey thanks her for having his back. Your front and sides too, Sharon’s there for Rey ~kiss~ But over her shoulder, he looks at the framed photo of Mia.

Seated with Nick, Rebecca confesses she’s not used to being played (like Phyllis did) Nick admits that he’s a little scared of Rebecca right now. Nothing a few drinks won’t cure. They decide to go out drinks.

At the Ashby home, Traci makes coffee for Cane. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone not involved – I’m a good listener. Start at the beginning. Cane nods glumly.

Still at the club, Billy frowns at the photo of Vikki on his phone – then calls the hotel looking for her (but gets nowhere)

Jack’s been delivered a gift basket; an assortment of products including a big bottle of Jack of Hearts. The front of the fancy card is embossed ‘My Beauty’. He reads Ashley’s note inside – this is a fight you can’t win Jack. Sorry to say you’ll go down as the man who buried Jabot.

Coming home, Sharon pulls a pink envelope that’s been tucked into the wreath on her front door. It’s an ultrasound photo. The note reads – Baby Rosales, 1st picture. xo Mia. Needless to say, Sharon is stunned.

Next: Billy surprises Vikki …. Mike delivers unpleasant news.