Monday, April 8th, 2019

Jack needs young blood to usher Jabot into the new era – even better that Summer’s now family. Asked to weigh in, Kyle doesn’t want Summer to feel pressured. She’s flattered but has a lot to think about (Victor and Vikki need her help) At the front door, Traci tells Phyllis that they’re having a private meeting (which doesn’t slow her down at all) Strategy meeting? Phyllis is there to take Summer out to breakfast (and gives Jack the eye when he asks Summer to think about his offer)

The night Lola was attacked, Abby and Mia argued about Arturo, Rey confides – very public, lots of witnesses (though he didn’t see it himself) Yes, unfortunately, there is some truth to Abby’s accusations. Rey looked into it but Mia had an alibi – she was with Arturo that night. Paul understands – that’s good news/bad news. No point pursuing a dead end. He really hopes Rey’s able to solve this – for his sake and Lola’s. Rey looks mighty relieved when closing the door behind Paul.

At CL’s, Mia’s glad to see Lola looking so well. She’s a wreck – and pregnant. She’s sure the baby’s Rey’s – she was only with Arturo one time. He’s leaving me – and the baby. Please talk to Rey – help me save my marriage, if not for me, for this innocent baby, Mia begs.

Informed that Jack offered Summer a job at Jabot, Phyllis lists reasons why it might not be a good idea. Suggested that they go on a mini spa vacation, Summer’s reluctant at first – but caves in when Phyllis admits she needs the getaway (after all she’s been through) Wow – you really want to get me out of here, Summer comments. Phyllis believes the sooner they go the sooner they come back with a brand new perspective.

Surely Lola wants her niece or nephew to grow up in a happy family, Mia implores. Yes, but you cheated on Rey – twice. Mia whines about Sharon’s nastiness putting her in the hospital. She’s going to fight for Rey and Lola should fight for Kyle.

Returning to the Abbott house, Summer tells Kyle and Jack that her Mom’s taking her away for a spa trip. She’ll give Jack an answer when she gets back. Now alone with Jack, Phyllis voices her disapproval of Jack using Summer to get back at her.

Mia’s at the apartment with things to discuss with Rey – especially after what happened yesterday.