Monday, April 8th, 2019

Mia’s not there to talk about Sharon – she’s low on cash and needs things for the baby. She’s happy to hear that Paul’s offered Rey his job back – if he solves a case – guess which one.

Still on the patio, Lola sighs over photos of her and Kyle on her phone.

Jack assures Phyllis that he has no ulterior motive in hiring Summer – he believes she and Kyle can work well together for many years to come. Asking to say a private goodbye to Kyle, Summer will miss him – be good while I’m gone. Hugging her, Kyle frowns. On the front step, Phyllis is on her phone – the clock starts now. I want to know every move Kyle and Lola make over the next 48 hours.

When Jack wonders why Kyle looks so glum, he claims he has a lot on his mind. A run should clear his head.

Mia wonders why Paul wants Rey to investigate now. The case went cold – or are there new leads? Rey told him about her fight with Abby but no worries – he gave her an alibi; Arturo (so you better find him and get him onboard) Handing Mia money, Rey will continue to protect her and the baby – for now. For now??? If it’s Arturo’s …..

At CL’s, Paul’s on the phone asking Bob to track down Arturo Rosales. I have a few questions for him.

Kyle and Lola are happy to bump into one another at CL’s.

Jack’s alarmed to read the headline on his tablet; Ashley Abbott to take My Beauty in Provocative new direction. ‘My Beauty Collective’ goes beyond makeup – it’s a lifestyle; beautiful clothes and accessories. Jack’s clearly stunned – looks like Ashley beat him to the punch.