Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

After a massage at the spa, Billy and Vikki return to her suite in a good mood. Jack calls Billy to report a problem – Ashley’s company just announced My Beauty Collective – the exact same plan they had for Jabot. Are you saying I’m the leak? Billy’s unimpressed.

At the ranch, Nick and his Mom are playing cards with Katie and Johnny. After the kids go to the kitchen for cookies, Nick quizzes Nikki about the business trip Victor suddenly went off to.

On the phone with Billy, Jack’s sure neither Abby or Billy told Ashley about their plans. Pissed that he’s the suspect, Billy will see his brother when he gets back.

Billy whines to Vikki that he’s always accused of being the family screw up. Vikki can relate – her Father always hides things from her – he never completely trusts his most loyal child.

On the patio, Lola hears that Summer’s out of town so suggests dinner at the club. Sounds good – see you there, Kyle agrees (as an unseen watcher takes photos)

As Billy invites Vikki out to dinner, she gets a text from Brandon. He’s not hitting on me, he’s telling her where and when the poker game is (that her Dad’s been talking to a man at) Billy doesn’t think Vikki should go – and is less impressed when she asks Brandon to move the game to her suite.

Nate (played by a new actor) drops by Rey’s apartment to examine Lola (and scold her for jumping back into work so quickly) When Lola thanks him for being so attentive, Nate thinks Summer’s the one she owes thanks to.

At home, Jack shows Kyle the article online announcing Ashley’s plans (exactly the same as Jabot’s) He knows Kyle’s not the mole – but what about your wife?

Over tea, Nick assures his Mom that he’s done with Phyllis (but won’t bad talk her – or resort to dating apps)