Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Jack and Kyle butt heads over whether Summer leaked info to her Mom. Jack agrees not to mention it to Summer – for now. Kyle has personal stuff to attend to before he can give Jack his full attention.

Nate and Lola discuss who might have attacked her – wrong place, wrong time? But at least they were able to detect and fix the problem with her liver. Nate leaves Lola to get ready for what she claims is not a date. Wear the blue, he advises.

Back in Vegas, Vikki’s dressed to impress. You know nothing about poker, Billy refuses to go home. Brandon arrives to ask ‘who’s this’? My bodyguard, Vikki lies. And when Brandon tries to change the game back to its original location, Billy pulls out a wad of cash to change his mind.

Nick end a call regarding problems due to Arturo being fired. Losing him and Abby at the same time was a big hit to Dark Horse. He wants his Mom to take over PR. She’s flattered but wants to spend all her time with Victor. He’s gone on business – again, Nick knows she has no idea where he is or when he’ll be back.

The players are seated around the poker table when Billy open the door to let his old pal Sinnead in. As she takes a seat, Billy makes it clear that she’s merely a rival. One who’s going down tonight, Vikki’s confident.

Apologizing for being late, Kyle joins tells Lola at the club to say how great she looks. They reminisce about their last dinner – when we were fools in love. The mystery photographer continues to capture every moment.

As the poker game progresses, Vikki asks Brandon where the man her Dad meets is – ‘Spider’. Sinnead wonders why Vikki’s so interested (and yes, knows exactly who she is) All in. Bradon’s out. Willing to bet your trust fund? Sinnead has a straight flush. Damn, Vikki looks worried until she spreads her cards out. Royal Flush – what did you expect from a Princess? Billy looks proud.

Lola knows that Kyle’s marriage isn’t real – she knows he did it for her. And now she wants to do something for Kyle -tell him the truth about why she didn’t sleep with him. The Rosales family is so dysfunctional that she couldn’t believe their love could last. Her life doesn’t make sense without Kyle. He feels the same way. If Kyle said he loved Lola again, she’d believe him this time. Kyle takes her hand – I never stopped loving you.