Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Ending a call as he takes a seat at the club’s bar, Nick orders Tequila and chats with the woman beside him. When Sara assumes he works construction, Nick doesn’t correct her.

Kyle understands why Lola’s brothers blame him for what happened the night she was attacked. What did you come to say to me? Kyle wished he’d told Lola how much he loved her the night she came to the cabin.

Nikki leaves Victor a message – she misses him and knows he wouldn’t have left it wasn’t important. I love you, she ends the call looking insecure.

Showing Sinnead to the door, Billy declines her offer to join the next big game. Don’t lose my number, she leaves. Telling Vikki that he’s sorry Spider didn’t show, Brandon fails to entice her into spending more time with him before heading back to GC. Now alone with Billy, Vikki’s disappointed that Spider didn’t show. Oh well – she won the game and she and Billy have one more night in Vegas ~kiss~

Nick’s brought Sara back to his place for a drink. He enjoyed owning Underground but laughs at the suggestion that he open a bar with topless male wait staff. Is this the vision you saw? Nick removes his shirt. Yes, it’s exactly what Sara envisioned ~kiss~

Billy’s so turned on by Vikki being such a poker shark that he forgets all about taking things slow.

Now what? Kyle asks. Dessert? Realizing all the hurdles between them, he won’t put Lola at risk again; physically or emotionally. She wants to find out what they can be together. Let’s get a room.

Back at the house, Jack looks like he’s on to something. Removing the products from the gift basket Ashley left, he finds a recording device.