Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

On the Abbott front step, Phyllis questions why Summer cancelled their spa trip and made her drive back. Are you afraid to leave Kyle by himself?

At the club, Phyllis’ PI continues to take photos of Kyle and Lola (as she tries to persuade him to get a room) She can’t turn her back on this thing between them anymore. Are you sure this is what you want? Kyle seems torn.

Billy and Vikki are debating whether to take things slow when her phone goes off. Dad’s in New Zealand closing the Handcock deal – but Vikki knows he’s lying. Let’s go check out poker games at other hotels. Billy would rather go home. OMG – Vikki gets another text; this time from Brandon – her Dad just walked into a game.

Looking at the photo Brandon sent, Vikki recognizes her Dad (with his friend Spider) Billy insists they go home to their family. Let’s get the hell out of here. When Vikki agrees, he goes to pack their bags. Vikki looks at the photo some more.

At home, Jack tells Traci that Ashley bugged the gift basket she left. Feeling that Ashley was pushed into things, Traci wants no part in this and hopes Jack will ‘do the right thing’.

A bare-chested Nick tidies his bar, shoots some darts, does push-ups etc. and looks bored out of his mind.

No, Summer’s not afraid to leave Kyle alone – she wants to be with her new husband. We need to build on what we have. It shouldn’t be this hard, Phyllis points out. Why can’t you just be happy for me? Summer huffs off inside – leaving Phyllis to call her PI for an update. Hearing that he’s ‘on top of it’, she decides to meet him at the club.

Summer lies to Jack – she and her Mom both decided they’re too busy for a getaway. Kyle? He had something important to do. Jack’s ‘thrilled’ to hear that Summer’s accepting his job offer and is sure Kyle will be too.

Kyle and Lola never thought they’d be here like this again – yet here we are. What Lola’s suggesting might be wrong but it feels right. Kyle’s answer is ‘yes’. Taking her hand, they leave the table (more photos are taken)

Now fully clothed, Nick’s in his office, on his laptop and making a call to Hong Kong. Sure, it’s late but we don’t sleep here at Dark Horse.

At Jabot, Ted tries but fails to escape Summer – who shuts down his spiel about not having anything to do with her Mom being fired. She just wants to know where Kyle is. Since Ted doesn’t know, a troubled Summer gets on the elevator to continue her search.

Kyle leads Lola into a ‘nice room’ with ‘the best view in GC’ (himself) Both admit to being nervous – we’ll take this slow. Lola’s phone goes off – just a supplier. Let’s mute our phones. Kyle assures that he wants to be here. Taking his wedding ring off, he pledges his love for Lola. It’s just us. I love you, Lola and Kyle kiss.

Summer practices what she’ll say to Lola before buzzing up to Rey’s apartment – and getting no response, leaves.

In their suite, Kyle and Lola kiss. His shirt undone, he kisses her neck and slips the straps off her shoulders. You OK? Absolutely, she returns his kiss as they hit the bed. Kyle then looks at his vibrating phone (with a photo of Summer) I can’t do this, he rolls over.

Phyllis joins her PI and learns Kyle and Lola are in a suite upstairs. Looking at the photos he’s taken, she growls that Kyle’s in for a world of hurt right now (and marches off)

Mommy! Katie and Johnny run into Vikki’s arms. Asking if she had fun on her trip, Vikki easily dodges the questions and takes the kids up to bed. Looking like the gambling addict he is, Billy picks up a deck of cards the kids left out and makes a call – hey, it’s me – I need to see you.

Vikki comes down to thank Billy for being the voice of reason. Why does he have his jacket on? He’s exhausted and will be back in the morning to take the kids to school. Both see this as a new beginning ~hug~ No more poker games or looking into her Father’s shenanigans. With a kiss that seems too quick for Vikki’s liking, Billy leaves. She immediately makes a call – something’s come up. I could use your help.

Now at the club, Summer asks a waiter if he’s seen her tall, handsome, reliable husband – Kyle Abbott. The waiter hasn’t seen him but his shift just started. Summer leaves another ‘call me’ message for Kyle.

Upstairs, Kyle and Lola dress. He doesn’t want to be a cheating husband and knows Lola doesn’t want to be the ‘other woman’. What do we do now? Kyle owes Summer the truth. He’ll set things straight with her so he and Lola can be together forever. We’ll figure this out – it’ll just take a bit longer than we thought.

Phyllis marches the club’s hallway like a woman on a mission.

About to knock on the suite door, Phyllis tells herself to ‘be smart’ and turns around. Inside, Kyle’s phone pings. Summer’s looking for him. He reassures Lola – the sooner he deals with this, the sooner they can be together. He can’t keep up this charade and is desperately in love with Lola ~kiss~ After he leaves, Lola’s left smiling.

Summoned to Vikki’s, Nick’s surprised to hear that she went to Vegas (and wasn’t the only Newman there) Dad was seen around town. Nick wonders what he’s up to. Dear old Dad’s been hitting high stakes poker games with a big shot player. Yes, she’s positive – do you recognize the guy in the photo with Dad? No, and no we shouldn’t tell Mom. This had been going on for weeks – during the trial, Vikki adds – there’s something wrong and she’ll find out what.

Now home, Billy doesn’t blame Jack for accusing him of leaking Jabot’s plan. I did embezzle money after all. I just got back from Vegas, he admits how close he came to relapsing. Vikki saved me. Jack’s proud – you walked into temptation and didn’t succumb. Calling me took courage, he adds. Billy wants a fresh start with Vikki. Their talk interrupted when Kyle comes home, Billy leaves. Kyle tells his Dad that he’s juggling a few things but it’ll be fine. Alone briefly, Jack leaves Ashley’s recording device out as Traci comes down. He’s made a decision about what he’ll do next.

Jack’s claims that he’s taken what Traci said to heart – he’ll be the bigger man and bring the family back together. Traci’s relieved and delighted to hear that Jack’s going to take Ashley up on her offer to merge the two companies. She outmanoeuvred me, Jack admits. I’ll call her tomorrow. Not surprised when the phone rings, Jack answers ‘hello Sis’. You found the bug, Ashley states the obvious and knows he has no interest in a merger. No chance in hell, Jack confirms. They haggle until he agrees to wire 4 million if Ashley will give up her ‘Collective’ line. Pissed off that she was used as a puppet, Traci grumbles her way upstairs.

Hi. I’m Billy and I’m an addict (he’s at a support meeting it seems)

Phyllis is at CL’s leaving a voicemail for Lauren – good news, our plans are back on track. Fenmore’s will be free of Jabot in 24 hours. Those Abbott boys will get what they deserve. Hanging up, Phyllis spots Lola on the patio and looks somewhat guilty.

Summer comes home to give Kyle a hug – I’ve been looking all over for you. He’s glad she came back – let’s sit and talk. Summer would love that. She was a bit worried. Hearing that Summer accepted Jack’s job offer and asked where he’s been, Kyle looks conflicted.

Next: Phyllis’ plan takes an unexpected turn… Lauren protects her interests.

My Thoughts: Summer claims that both she and her Mom are too busy to take a spa vacation? She’s supposed to be busy doing whatever it is Victor hired her to do at NE – but what exactly is Phyllis busy with? She’s currently unemployed (and possibly homeless – where is she living now?) …. Kyle’s right in saying his situation (marriage to Summer is temporary) but I distinctly remember her saying that he had to give it a year …. About to launch her new company with a plethora of new products and Ashley has nothing better to do than sit by computer listening into whatever Jack has to say? Did she also hear that Billy’s struggling with his gambling addiction? Has she no interest in her Mother’s health? The woman who enabled her to waltz off with all Jabot’s products.