Thursday, April 11th, 2019

When Rey comes home to find a distracted Lola burning dinner, she tells him everything. I’m a virgin who would have slept with a married man – what does that say about me?

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle fields Summer’s questions with lies. He’ll get champagne to celebrate her new job at Jabot. Summer wants to do much more than work with Kyle ~kiss~

Lauren rejoins Mike at their table after a long call with Phyllis – who is suddenly very confident that Jack will sell Fenmore’s back to her. She had ‘that tone’. Now Mike’s really worried.

Phyllis barges into the Abbott home to blast Jack for his son cheating (complete with photos of him and Lola heading up to a suite at the club) Hiding behind potted plants? Jack mocks. No, they were sent to Phyllis by an innocent bystander. Why are you showing me? Jack wonders. That’s the million dollar question Phyllis was expecting and hoping for.

It wasn’t Kyle – Lola initiated the meeting. We talked about how much we love each other. He and Summer made their choices, but Rey can see that Lola wants Kyle back. What’s next? Lola won’t sneak around like Mia (oops, sorry) Kyle is telling Summer everything right now. And now Lola worries some more – I’m a cheater AND a homewrecker.

In a flimsy negligee, Summer unbuttons Kyle’s shirt as she kisses him and leads him to the bed. He hesitates – then responds – then backs off. What’s wrong? Summer asks.

Summer deserves a husband who respects her – your kid married her to give his girlfriend a slice of her liver, Phyllis rants – he’s just like you were at that age. You really want to get into marital infidelity? Jack scoffs – and what’s he supposed to do about this? Something – or these pictures of an Abbott betraying his Newman bride might hit the press. Jack pours himself a drink, completely unconcerned. What is it you’re after anyway? The price of my silence is Fenmore’s, Phyllis looks defiant.

The Baldwins are still sipping martinis as the wait staff close up the restaurant. They won’t throw us out, Mike greased a few palms to spend more alone time with his wife. Cue the music. Can I have this dance? Mike and Lauren way, joke and kiss.

Phyllis wants Fenmore’s at the right price and some seed money. You’re using your daughter. No, Phyllis can protect Summer and get something for herself at the same time. I won. No, you screwed up and want someone to bail you out, Jack corrects. Phyllis demands an agreement re: Fenmore’s and money wired to her account tomorrow. If not, she and Summer unleash hell on what’s left of Jabot.