Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Ana updates Devon that she’s cancelled their session with Tessa; she and Mariah send their love. Devon downplays his grief – vows to be the strong man Neil taught him to be – then blames himself for pushing Neil to attend the restaurant opening. Nate updates – Malcolm’s on his way. He agrees it’s crazy for Devon to blame himself. The grief of me sending Lily to prison killed him, Devon believes. Now it’s Lily’s turn to take the blame for Neil’s death.

Over tea, Jack and Ashley reminisce about Neil (who saved Jack at the cabin when he was tempted to turn to pills again. He told me not to feel sorry for myself and left – knowing I’d make the right choice) He was a true friend. Both in tears, Ashley takes Jack’s hand.

At CL’s, Mariah talks to Tessa about how to commemorate Neil – she has two choices she doesn’t like. Neil once said that not choosing is the same as not living.

Lashing out at Nate, Lily disagrees that Neil died of ‘natural causes’. He moved to Lakewood to be near me – he worried about me all the time. He’s gone because of what I put him through. I killed him like I killed Hilary, Lily runs out in tears – Cane following.

Abby’s now in Victor’s office with him and Nikki. How does such a vital man lay down to take a nap and never wake up? She’s worried about her Dad being taken from her. Victor’s full of love and reassurance.

Mother’s asleep, Jack comes down to console Ashley – who feels guilty for not keeping in touch with Neil. I thought he’d always be there. We got very close before I left GC – I just wish I’d picked up the phone. I’ll never know what might have been.

Back at the penthouse, Lily’s family worries – she’s not responding to calls or texts. Of course, Devon doesn’t blame her. Again insisting he’s fine, Devon sends Nate and Ana off with the twins. Marian then drops by to hug Devon. Yes, she’s here again – it sucks just as much this time. Devon lists all his goodbyes – Dru, Katherine, Hilary/our child and now Neil.

When Cane joins Lily on the CL’s patio, she describes the way he held her after she was released from prison. His last words were ‘I love you baby girl’. Cane offers support – you didn’t cause Neil’s death. Lily weeps, feeling so alone.