Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Victor declares Neil the best executive he ever had; a good man – a man’s man. One of the few people Victor considered a friend, almost a son. Nikki tries to elicit a promise from Victor – don’t go away without telling me where you are. Don’t worry about that my baby, Victor has a lot of good years left ~kiss~

Ashley and Jack now think about Malcolm; Neil’s half-sibling. Maybe it’s a reminder for us – we will always be brother and sister. Shall we call a truce?

Before she leaves, Mariah asks Devon how to handle Neil’s death on the air. She’ll write something and give it to Devon for approval. Take care of yourself ~hug~ Finally alone, Devon finds himself looking across the room at Neil (superimposed into the scene) – is there anything I, we could have said to keep you here? Devon sniffles. I miss you. I love you. Why did you have to leave us? I really need you. Without a word, Neil vanishes – and this time, Devon really is all alone.

Mariah comes out on the fire escape to listen to Tessa sing and strum a sad song.

Now alone, Victor wants to postpone their talk due to Neil. Do Nick and Vikki know? Alright? Nikki lets it go and packs up her purse etc – I love you. With a heavy hear, Victor takes a seat behind his desk to mourn the loss of his friend.

Jack and Ashley shake hands then share a wet hug.

On the patio, Lily allows Cane to console her as she sobs in his arms.

Devon sits on the staircase to cry all alone; a nearby framed photo of Neil fades to black.