Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

Lauren’s already at Society when Jack calls to cancel because his Mother’s not herself; she’s really out of it. Stay strong, I’m thinking about you, Lauren sympathizes.

Paul’s asked Nikki to meet him at CL’s – is everything OK between you and Victor? Are you still worried about his mysterious trips? He’s on one right now and Nikki’s asked Rey to investigate. Paul wonders where he’ll find the time. Yes, he fired Rey – but he gave him a project to earn Paul’s trust and his badge back. Nikki trusts Rey and understands why Paul couldn’t help her. She just knows that Victor’s involved in something dangerous and/or important.

Rey leaves a message for the psychiatrist while Sharon looks him up online. He’s legit – a spotless record, she’s learned that he specializes in memory retrieval. The detectives and his sidekick do a fist bump then touch foreheads (really)

Dina upstairs, Jack asks the visiting doctor about her condition and is again asked to consider putting her in a facility. As the doctor leaves, Lauren arrives with take-out and the offer of friendship (which Jack could really use right now)

On the roof, Lola and Kyle plan trips to their former homes in New York and Miami. No rush – we have all the time in the world. Lola’s amazed to have gone from a food truck to all this. Doesn’t it feel like we have so many possibilities? Yes, Kyle agrees – everything is coming together the way it should be.

At Nick’s, Summer explains why she won’t leave her job at Jabot; even though Kyle made a fool of her. He chose a girl who dumped him over a purse! One day he’ll realize he made the wrong choice. Yes, it’d be nice if he came back begging. Nick isn’t pleased that Summer would forgive the man she loves.

Told what little info Nikki knows, Paul doesn’t get the connection between Victor – a psychiatrist and ‘the Queen of the Las Vegas poker scene’. He doesn’t like to see her tied up in knots like this. Victor’s protecting me, Nikki knows. With a resigned sigh, Paul offers to look into it. I can always count on you, Nikki gushes gratitude.

Their take-out finished, Jack unburdens himself to a supportive Lauren (who also had a painful childhood) He must accept that he’ll never again have a real moment with his Mother. I knew she’d slip away. It’s OK to feel this way, Lauren oozes sympathy.

Nick advises Summer not to take Kyle back – even if he begs. And stop defending him. You’re just figuring out who you are and what you need. Once you sort that out you’ll be unstoppable. Summer loves her Dad and won’t make any decisions right now. Knowing exactly what she needs, Nick leaves Summer to sulk.

Music on, Kyle stands Lola up for a dance. I don’t want this to end, she coos in his arms – I want to make love with you ~kiss~