Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

Dina comes down to exclaim ‘ooh la la’ – this’lovely’ girl must be Jackie’s girlfriend. Going back to bed, Dina warns the kids to behave themselves. Yes, Mrs Abbot, Lauren plays along.

In a hotel room in Vegas, Sharon mauls Rey as he calls room service to order champagne.

Lola and Kyle are now in a suite at the club exchanging kisses and I love you’s. Now, clothes off and in bed, things are going exceedingly well.

Jack comes down to update Lauren that Dina’s upstairs with her nurse for the night. He appreciates the way she played along with her. We didn’t even talk about business, he realizes as Lauren thinks it time to leave. This was far more important, she hugs her grateful friend.

Yes, it was worth the wait, Lola answers Kyle’s unasked question as he cradles her in bed. But he doesn’t look like a man in love.

Nick returns with two bowls of ice cream. Everything will be OK, he assures Summer as he turns the TV on.

Sharon and Rey’s kissing and champagne are interrupted by a call from Paul – who’s pissed that he stopped looking for whoever attacked his sister to shoot craps in Vegas on Nikki’s dime. Rey barks back – do my former colleagues (the cops) know you’re farming out their jobs? Told this was his chance to get his job back, Rey tells Paul he can keep it ~click~ Sharon reappears with champagne to wonder if Paul suspects Mia attacked Lola. She’s also curious as to what Victor’s up to.

Victor bangs on a motel room door. I’m not the enemy – let me in – I can help you.