Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Rey and Sharon awaken in their Vegas suite. She was tossing and turning all night – but can’t explain why. It’s Victor, he’s up to something, Rey understands why she’d be uneasy.

At Jabot, Kyle gets a text from Lola – who has something special for him if he can come to Society for lunch. He replies with a string of heart emojis then is surprised to find Summer in Jack’s office. She plans to keep her job. We can all be adults about this – unless YOU have a problem working with me.

Behind the bar, Abby recognizes ‘that look’ and asks Lola for all the details of her evening with Kyle. It was perfect, Lola puts her phone away and grins.

Back in Jack’s office, Rebecca Barlow beats Billy through the door to shake the CEO’s hand and meet the ‘whiz kids’ she’s heard so much about. Sitting Kyle and Summer down, she can’t wait to hear what their next big idea is.

Kyle was sweet and patient, Lola thrills Abby. Mariah bursts in to announce that she’s there to interview them for GC Buzz. I’m a chef, not an on-air celebrity, Lola’s nervous – she’s never been on TV before.

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With the whiz kids and Abbott brothers (all looking at tablets) Rebecca loves the idea of using social media influencers but how will they push Jabot Collective to the next level? Summer jumps into to talk about music festivals. No worries over missing Coachella – there’s plenty of other places to promote Jabot and Kyle has a connection in New York. Rebecca continues to be impressed by the dynamic duo. Summer would like to get to work immediately but is left disappointed when Kyle hurries off – I’ll text ya.

Dr Kalhoun won’t talk to Sharon and Rey – he’s bound by privacy laws and doesn’t know what their client’s husband is involved in. Victor’s my ex Father in law, the grandfather of my children – we’re all very concerned about him, Sharon lies. Rey spots a briefcase and manages to knock it over on his way out. That’s a lot of money, he notes – whatever Victor’s got you involved in is making you sweat. You have my number, Rey leads Sharon out. The doctor makes a call – I need to speak to you right away.

In Victor’s office, Nikki’s still investigating online. Hello Reesa Thompson, she says s she opens up a photo of the Las Vegas poker queen.

At CL’s, Jack and Billy briefly discuss Summer and Kyle – then Billy’s camping trip with Vikki and the kids. Rebecca joins them to rave some more about Kyle and Summer – there’s chemistry between them. Nick then saunters in. Yes, he knows Jack and Billy Abbott (who both throw their hands up when Rebecca asks Nick to join them) How do you all know each other? Phyllis. Looks like her plan (to pimp Nick out) had unforeseen consequences, Billy observes. For HER, Rebecca appears ready to devour Nick)