Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Mariah tells Elana that she and Devon are close friends (dating didn’t go well but she misses flying around on the private jet) She wants Devon to be happy. Elena had a nice evening with Devon – in the beginning. She’d like to know more about him. Mariah tells the story of Devon locking her and Tessa in a room until they worked things out.

Tessa’s in the recording studio with headphones on. On the other side of the glass, a tech beside her, Ana starts it over when Tessa coughs. You sound timid, Ana starts take three.

It’s like your head’s not in the song – do you need a break? Ana wants Tessa to own the words – it’s your story. Yet again, Tessa struggles – this is a lot of pressure. That’s the nature of the business, Ana decides to cut the session short. Thanks for your time, Tessa exits quickly.

Finding Sharon’s place empty, Mariah’s startled when Nick comes to pick up something for Faith. Sharon’s out of town – she flew to Vegas with Rey. No, Sharon didn’t tell Nick. It was last minute, Mariah adds. Nick can’t believe Rey roped Sharon into this mess (but won’t elaborate)

You followed me to find out what I was up to, Victor now wants Sharon’s help. Put our difficult history aside and imagine, as a parent, what it’s like to be in my shoes. Victor can tell that Sharon still cares about Adam. You know where to reach me, he leaves her in tears.

Again reading the threatening text message, Mariah’s startled once more when Tessa bursts in blathering about how horrible the recording session went. Ana finally put a stop to my embarrassment. You’re brilliant, Mariah tells Tessa to take a breath and explain what happened.

At the penthouse, Ana relays the failed session to Devon. He thinks she may have needed a bit more time to be comfortable. Ana’s sorry she wasted the studio time and just wants to make Devon proud. A producer manages brings everything together – it’s your job to solve problems, Devon doesn’t want to write this off so quickly.