Monday, May 6th, 2019

In the Vegas suite, Sharon dials a number and hangs up after hearing Adam’s message. It was him, she looks shaken. It’s pretty eerie. You don’t have to do this, Rey says. Sharon calls Adam back and this time leaves a message. I’ve been told you may not remember me but we knew each other. I’d like to meet with you. Call me back. Now what? Now we wait, Rey replies.

At Nick’s, Summer tells her Dad that she’s going on a business trip. He thinks it good that she’s getting a break from Kyle. He’s coming with me, Nick’s shocked to hear.

Abby leads Lola out to Society’s patio to meet Kyle. Don’t keep her too long – it’s a busy night, she exits. Kyle tells Lola that he has to cancel their plans later – he’s flying to New York – with Summer. He’ll say no if Lola doesn’t want him to go.

Abby greets Nate warmly. He’ll never have to worry about making a reservation. The doctor who saved Lola’s life will always get VIP treatment at Society. Right this way.

No, Kyle’s not nervous about spending time with Summer in New York. He just doesn’t want to risk his relationship with Lola (who runs over to Arturo when he arrives) This isn’t a good idea, she warns her brother.

Nikki’s now with Sharon and Rey in their Vegas hotel room. I heard his voice – it’s true, Sharon announces – Adam’s alive.

Nikki doesn’t know what to make of any of this – and where’s Victor? Rey comments that Vegas is a hard place to find someone who doesn’t want to be found. Nikki thinks it must be agonizing for Victor to have found his presumed-dead son only to have him not remember him. But, why would Sharon want to help? What’s in it for you? she’s suspicious. Adam saved me; took risks for me – I owe him to at least try, Sharon reasons.

At the bar, Arturo praises Abby – this place looks great. Enjoy your drink, Abby tries to move on. Stopping her, Arturo continues to rave about Abby making her dream come true. He truly enjoyed every second of helping. If not for my mistake, we’d be planning our wedding right now. Get real – Abby thinks Arturo should focus on the baby that might be his.

Phyllis delivers Summer’s dry cleaning to Nick’s. She doesn’t share his concerns about Summer going on a business trip with Kyle. After Summer leaves to go pick up Kyle, Nick confides that she was crying in his arms last night – she’s not ready for this – why are you pushing it? he wonders.