Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Rey rejoins Sharon in the hotel room – what happened with Victor? She’s still trying to wrap her head around shocking news. Adam’s alive and living in Vegas – no recollection of his life in GC. Yes, she’s sure Victor’s telling the truth. He asked me to help unlock Adam’s memory. What makes Victor think you can do that? Rey wonders.

Devon’s brought Tessa and Ana back to the studio for a different approach. Forget that we’re on the clock – I own the studio. Artist and producer must be able to communicate. If we’re not enjoying the process, fans will hear it and won’t buy the music. Tessa’s to take her spot – Ana hers. Tim’s to take his. This is just a warm-up, Devon tells Tessa (who now sings with more conviction) Devon asks her to sing the chorus, then steps out as things seem to be going well.

Sharon must tell Nick – he needs to be prepared (because of Christian) How’s sin city? Nick answers – then gripes about Rey taking her to Vegas to look for Victor. Sharon informs Nick that the gambler Victor’s following around is his brother – Adam survived but has no memory. The doctor wasn’t able to help. But he knows how to play poker on a professional level? Nick’s sceptical. IF it’s Adam, he’s playing Victor and it’s not a good idea for Sharon to help – you know what he’s capable of. After Nick hangs up, Sharon tells Rey that she’s torn on what to do. What are you afraid of? Rey wonders – are these your concerns, or Nick’s?

When Devon comes home, Elana blasts him for asking Jet about her Mother. Devon’s sorry – it won’t happen again, he promises then goes upstairs.

In the studio, Tessa and Ana listen to the recording. It’s amazing. Don’t be sorry, Ana’s sorry she pushed Tessa – every artist creates at their own pace. We did this together. Yeah we did, Tessa gives Ana a hug.

At CL’s, a creepy man watches Mariah. She looks at him then marches over – is there a problem? The man leaves without saying a word.

Sharon explains that any scheme involving Victor is a risk – then there’s Adam; a man she was once in love with. Now she’s starting a new relationship – but how can she walk away from this? Rey’s in too – you might be able to help someone who was important to you. I can track him down. You’re sure you want to be involved in this? Sharon asks. Rey’s already involved. Sharon then calls Victor to say that Rey’s agreed to track Adam down. No guarantees but she’ll do everything she can to bring Adam home to his family. You won’t regret it, Victor assures.

My Thoughts: What part of ‘this stays between just the two of us’ did Sharon not understand? Victor won’t be happy to hear she’s already told Nick (without even telling him that this is supposed to be a secret) Why would Adam recognize Sharon over Victor? He was more obsessed with his Father – and Chelsea was the love of his life (good thing she’s coming back) And what family does Sharon plan to bring Adam home too? The Newmans detest him … Oh no – looks like Mariah has a stalker AND some competition for Tessa’s affection.

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