Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Jogging through the park, Nick encounters his Mom. Any word on the international man of mystery? Nikki’s taken matters into her own hands and is sure whatever Victor’s up to will come to light very soon.

In Vegas, Victor needs what he’s about to say to stay between just him and Sharon. Adam is alive.

Elana’s going to CL’s for some blueberry scones for Jet – does Devon want anything? Do you need to talk? Ana comes home to interrupt with talk of Tessa being a ‘problem child’. When Elana leaves them to it, Devon expects whatever Ana and Tessa come up with to blow him away. No pressure, Ana quips.

At CL’s, Mariah’s reading the mysterious, threatening text when Tessa arrives to ask what’s wrong. Oh, nothing, she changes the subject – this is Tessa and Ana’s big day; recording her single. Both wish Mariah could be there but Ana’s the boss. You’ll wow her, Mariah’s sure. Tessa gives her a hug.

Adam (going by the name Spider) is a member of an underground gambling ring, Victor informs Sharon that he didn’t die in the cabin explosion but doesn’t remember a thing and didn’t recognize him. The doctor wasn’t able to help but Victor thinks Sharon might be the one who can bring Adam back.

Seated in a booth at CL’s, Mariah has a gift for Tessa – a guitar strap that reads ‘ready for the fight’. Tessa’s so grateful to have Mariah on her side. Spotting Elana, Tessa informs that Devon brought her to the opening. It was nice to see him relaxed and happy (before he went to check on Neil of course) Break a leg, Mariah says. With a quick kiss, Tessa leaves Mariah to introduce herself to Elena – we have somebody in common.

On a park bench, Nikki tells Nick that she hired Rey to investigate Victor; he’s in Vegas right now. Nick approves of his Mom giving Rey the job – he risked a lot to help us.

Adam has complete memory loss and doesn’t recognize Victor as his Father. He was deeply in love with you, Victor thinks Sharon could be the only one to get through to him. Remind him of his love for you – you can heal him. Sharon has a chance to prove she’s the compassionate woman she claims to be. What about how this might affect MY life – have you thought of THAT? Sharon baulks.

Devon tells Jet that Elana went to the coffee house to get him a treat – he’d like to know more about her; how did she lose her Mother? Elena was working at a hospital when Jet’s sister was sick. She fell at home and there was no one there to help her. Elana feels guilty for working long hours; not being there to save her Monica.