Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

The camera rolling at Society, Mariah conducts an interview with an animated Abby and Lola (who’s told she’s a natural – perfect) She always is, Kyle arrives to kiss Lola – as Mariah jokes about being invisible, then finally takes the hint and leaves the lovebirds alone. Lola’s left to seat Kyle at a table – the napkin placed in his lap. Cabernet is poured as she lifts the silver dome on a dish Lola prepared for him – the sandwich she first prepared for Kyle on her truck. They reminisce about how they first met and that nothing stands in their way. But? Kyle admits that something came up today. 5.5? Blonde? Huge trust fund? Lola correctly guesses.

There had to be 50K in that briefcase, Rey and Sharon are back at their hotel wondering why Victor paid the doctor. They’re about to kiss when Nikki calls with a new lead – a woman who might have the answers; Reesa Thompson.

Joining Rita at a bar, Victor asks where Spider disappeared to. He does that sometimes, Rita’s unconcerned. I need you to help me find him, Victor’s request is more of an order.

Lola has no problem with Summer working at Jabot – it’s a big place, you might not run into her. We fed off each other’s energy – we blew everyone away. Lola loves Kyle for being honest with her – now let’s eat this sandwich.

Dina appears at Jabot to ask Summer where John is – do you like this outfit? Summer loves the color then squirms when Dina again asks where John is.

On the CL’s patio, Mariah’s unnerved by a text from an unknown number – I won’t be ignored. Someday soon you’ll know my pain.

No need to head back to Jabot, Rebecca’s going back to her hotel to read the material the Abbott brothers gave her – she’ll email her feedback to them. After Jack and Billy exit, Rebecca bats her eyes at Nick – give a girl a ride?

Lunch was delicious, Lola continues to frustrate Abby with her lack of details about her night with Kyle. Lola feels bad for Summer and wishes her the best. Hopefully one day she sees it’s for the best. Oh look, Kyle forgot his tablet. Looks like someone has a reason to visit her boyfriend at work, Abby encourages Lola.

Kyle finds Summer playing along with Dina as she puts make up on her ‘Mom’. She’s looking for Dad, he hears. Dad had to attend a last minute meeting in Chicago, Kyle plays the role of Jack. Of course they’ll get along if Mom/Dina leaves them alone. You’re both so wonderful, Dina kisses each on the hand. Kyle and Summer share a bittersweet look.

At Nick’s place, Rebecca can tell that he’s putting no effort into their kiss – and knows it has more to do with him being worried about his daughter. You’re smart, sexy, and psychic, Nick asks for more. You’re a man adrift, not comfortable with casual hookups. Rebecca can’t really understand it – she’s not interested in getting serious. Think about a time when you were truly happy – try to recapture that. I have faith in you. Nick thanks Rebecca for being a good friend. And with a friendly kiss, she leaves Nick to mope.

Unable to find Kyle, Lola will leave the tablet with Jack (who thinks the world of Summer but wants his son to be happy. He’s sure things will work out just fine for everyone.

Kyle comes down after settling Dina upstairs to watch a movie. He thanks Summer for what she did for his grandmother at the office. No, Dina’s talk of them being close wasn’t awkward for him. And now it’s time to head back to Jabot. Summer will drive – Kyle will call his contact in New York.