Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Back in Vegas, Rey’s on the phone asking someone to run the name Rita Thompson. He and Sharon rule out Victor having a gambling addiction or an affair. Nikki told Rey that Victor’s run hundreds of searches online of Rita over the past few weeks. Rey’s phone then pings.

Rita won’t put a price on a man’s life. Victor doesn’t want to hurt Spider. He’s stubborn – when he closes down he won’t open back up. But you’ve been able to get him to do that before, Victor knows. Rita’s hone then goes off – it’s a Rey Rosales. Ignore it, Victor instructs. When you hear something let me know. Rita leaves.

Hey! Excuse me!? Mariah follows the guy who bumps into her at CL’s. He keeps on walking.

Kyle and Summer return to Jabot and are talking shop when Lola and Jack step out of his office. I dropped off your tablet, Lola gives Kyle a kiss. They then tell Jack that Dina was there to have lunch with John. Kyle and I took her to the club, they explain how they covered up. Jack then heads to a meeting – Summer and Kyle can work in his office. After polite goodbyes, Kyle sees Lola to the elevator for a goodbye kiss. In Jack’s office, Summer gets a call from Kyle’s contact – yes, we can come to New York tonight. No problem, she smiles as she watches him and Lola kiss.

Victor turns up at Rey and Sharon’s suite – you two accomplished quite a bit, he’s begrudgingly impressed. You met Dr Kalhoun and contacted Rita. You should call your wife, Rey isn’t happy when Victor asks to speak to Sharon alone. There’s something you need to know, he suggests she sit down.

Next Week: Mia Rosales, you’re under arrest, Paul bellows as she opens the door to her suite – for the attempted murder of Lola Rosales. No, Mia whimpers as a cop cuffs her … Are you OK? You were crying in your sleep, Elana’s concerned. Devon plants a kiss on her … Rey stands by as Sharon’s on the phone – This is Sharon Newman. We knew each other a long time ago. I’d like to meet with you. Just to talk.

My Thoughts: Kyle and Summer are hardly ‘whiz kids’. Summer hasn’t done much of anything and Kyle’s only claim to fame is full or partial nudity to pimp Jabot products. Once in a public pool area that could easily have resulted in him being charged and put on a sex offender list (exposing yourself where kids might be is never a good idea) …. Abby needs to be on a list too – why does she need to hear ‘everything’ about Lola’s first time with her cousin? … You’re a ‘chef’ Lola? Really? At the age of 20? How many Michelin stars was your taco truck awarded? Gordon Ramsey would like a word. How rude and unprofessional of Kyle to vanish from the meeting without so much as a goodbye to Rebecca Barlow … Does Nikki really need to conduct her investigation of Victor from Victor’s desk? Can’t she do it from the comfort of her own home? On her own laptop? … What kind of idiot psychiatrist leaves a briefcase of money open and precariously balanced so that another clumsy idiot can knock it over? How were Rey and Sharon even able to get an appointment so quickly? … Wouldn’t the name Rey Rosales only come up if Rita had him in her contacts? And if that’s not the case, wouldn’t a smart detective not think to block his number or use a pay phone or burner?