Monday, May 6th, 2019

Phyllis believes she can relate to Summer’s state of mind better than Nick can – she too is throwing herself into her work after her soul being crushed. Nick’s astounded that Phyllis thinks it a good idea for Summer to be working so closely with Kyle. Phyllis suggested Jack reassign Kyle but Summer’s not having it. She’s fearless, like me. Nick then asks about Phyllis’ new business – are you using Summer because of her connection to Jabot? Phyllis is sorry she shared her plans with Nick. It’s too much to expect you to give me the benefit of the doubt – good night, she marches out.

Abby can’t shake Arturo (who thinks that if Lola can give Kyle a second chance, Abby should give him one) Things look tense over here, Nate strolls over. Time to give the lady some space. I love you, Arturo says before leaving. I owe you one, Abby thanks Nate.

Lola rejoins Kyle to say that she’s OK with him going on this business trip with Summer. I trust you ~kiss~ Summer stands in the background watching and scowling.

When Abby brings Nate a plate of food to thank him, Nate deems it unnecessary – but thank you, I’ll enjoy every bite. This is his favourite place to relax. As Nate digs in, Abby turns down his offer to go out – she’s taking a break. Nate understands – and happy to hear that he’ll be the first to know if Abby decides to take a break from her break.

Summer’s annoyed to hear that Kyle hasn’t even packed yet – we have to get going. Go to the airport – I’ll catch up, Kyle says. Lola appears with a bag of food. Of course he’ll think of her when he’s gone. Pilot’s waiting – chop-chop, Summer rudely interrupts their kiss.

Mia accosts Phyllis at CL’s to talk about her great new idea – jewellery inspired by license plates – vanity plates – get it? Wouldn’t that be cute? It’s not what Phyllis is looking for (in fact, none of Mia’s ideas are) Phyllis just wants a list of where Mia shops. I need a job, Mia all but begs. Phyllis feels for Mia and will give her a reference if she wants to go work at a salon. Mia thanks Phyllis for her honesty. Have a good night. You too, Mia’s left looking sad.

Victor’s now at Sharon and Rey’s suite to tell Nikki that he doesn’t have a plan – he’s looking for Adam. On cue, Sharon gets a text from Adam – he wants to meet with me – alone.

Now at the bar, Nate thanks Abby for an amazing dinner. Stay and have a drink with me, she invites. This is her favourite part of the night. People who stick around after dinner don’t want the evening to end. Nate’s impressed that Abby’s built a place she loves – that celebrates the best part of life; family, romance, friendship. Looking over at the framed photo of Neil, Abby knows Nate must miss him.

Arturo takes a seat with Mia at CL’s – so what ruined your night? Phyllis turned her down for a job. And Arturo? He tried reaching out to Abby. She practically kicked me out. I’ve tried everything, he sighs. Mia doesn’t think Abby’s his style – it was never going to work. Arturo disagrees – if I hadn’t cheated …. Why *did* you cheat? Mia implies that it’s because Arturo was trying to be someone he’s not – for Abby. You’re better off without her. Arturo takes the hand she extends and is led upstairs.

Rey’s online looking at the park Sharon’s meeting Adam at. He plans to hide and watch. Adam wouldn’t recognize me. Sharon thinks Victor’s right – she should go by herself.

Phyllis turns up at Jack’s office – Summer told her all about Jabot Collective. It sounds terrific – and a good fit for her new company; an accessory line. You promote my products – I give you a cut of the profits. Not a chance in hell, Jack turns her down cold.