Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

A nervous Sharon sits on a bench to send Adam an ‘I’m here’ text. Adam? she stands to approach the rustling bushes.

At CL’s, Cane won’t ask Devon about Lily. He’s respecting her space. He’s expecting someone for a meeting that could be the start of a ‘whole new me’.

Traci types at home – about a lonely man drinking away his sorrows. The black and white scene behind her depicts Cane answering the door to Lily. Heartbreak was back.

Jet comes home to find Ana and Tessa celebrating a successful recording session.

Adam? I’m alone, Sharon types. Are you here? She looks around the darkness, afraid.

* Not a lot of time for spellcheck today.

The woman Cane’s meeting with is aware of the roles he’s played at Chancellor but we’re a non-profit. Cane wants to work with ex-prisoners – teach them interviewing skills etc. He wants to help people looking for a second chance – like he is. Cane wants to make a difference. Please think about it. The woman will talk to her team and get back to him. After she leaves, Devon questions Cane (he couldn’t help overhearing) If you’re doing this for Lily, it’s a mistake. She’s already done what’s best for both you guys.

As Traci narrates the story of a couple who fought to stay together but lost, Lily asks Flynn (a PI) to investigate her new husband – he’s cheating and I need your help to prove it.

Sharon returns to the suite to update Rey that Adam didn’t reveal himself – but she had a feeling he was there. She then outlines Adam’s intense relationship with his Father. Ignoring the question of whether her relationship with Adam was as intense, Sharon opines that seeing her might have brought up memories that were overwhelming for Adam. Rey thinks it time she told him how complicated things got between her and Adam.

On the patio, Mariah sends Tessa a selfie. Her smile vanishes when she gets a text from the unknown number. ‘I’m not going away – I know where to find you’. Nervous, Mariah jumps up and scans the coffee house for anyone suspicious.

Cane denies he’s fighting the divorce. He wants to be a better man. And after losing the love of his life, Cane thought Devon, of all people, would be more understanding. Not seeing the comparison, Devon makes it clear that Lily doesn’t want Cane to console her. Cane wants a philanthropic job and is selling his house to get something smaller. Devon disapproves of Cane overhauling his life for a dream that may never come true.