Monday, May 6th, 2019

Nikki calls Nick – are you sitting down? I’m in Las Vegas – with your Father. Yes, it seems that Adam is alive but has no memories before the explosion. Sharon just went to meet him – alone. Victor said it would be best. Everything’s under control, Victor chimes in. This feels like trouble to Nick.

Phyllis is pissed that Jack won’t team up with her. Jack wants no part of it – and thinks Phylis should take some time off to reevaluate her life. Fine, Phyllis will succeed on her own and won’t have to owe Jack a damn thing.

No more pretending or sneaking around, Mia cuddles naked in bed with Arturo. He’s not there yet and worries about Rey. He’s moved on, Mia points out – he’s infatuated with Sharon. Rey only stayed with me out of obligation. He left Miami and the marriage. Mia came to GC to be the best wife she could be. But it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough. Arturo agrees that you can’t force things that don’t come naturally. He thinks he and Mia should go back to Miami – no matter whose child this is, you get to decide where you live. Plus, Rey wants you away from the police (before they figure things out) You wouldn’t be alone – I’d be with you.

Back at Society, Abby’s seen Summer posting about her trip all over social media – are you really OK with it? Lola doesn’t love it but she has to trust Kyle. It’s Summer Abby wouldn’t trust. Lola believes she’s accepted that the marriage is over. Does THIS look like acceptance to you? Abby shows her a photo on her phone; a selfie of Summer and Kyle in a car on their way to the airport.

Phyllis talks to her laptop – gotta love public wifi; untraceable. She bets Summer still uses the same password she’s used for everything for years. Gaining access to the Jabot servers, including the Collective file, Phyllis mutters – see that? Who needs you Jack?

Playing dinosaurs with Christian, Nick talks about taking him to a museum in Chicago – maybe a boat ride ~hug~

Rey and Nikki don’t like the idea of Sharon meeting Adam in a park at night (but were overruled) Nikki will only say that Sharon’s relationship with Adam was intense – he can be volatile. That man’s capable of anything, especially when cornered. Victor stops Rey from leaving – he won’t let any harm come to the Mother of his grandchildren. Nikki referees as Victor warns Rey – don’t mess with me or my family.

Someone, presumably Adam, watches from behind the bushes as Sharon takes a seat on a park bench.

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Next: Sharon tells Rey about her past … Devon gives Elena mixed signals … Traci takes on a new persona.

My Thoughts: Are we expected to believe that Rey’s such an astute Detective that he noticed a clue in Sharon’s phone bill – but hasn’t bothered to Google Adam Newman? Or Sharon’s history? Was there no background check done when she worked for the police department? Odd that Sharon didn’t think to ask Nick how Faith’s doing while she’s off in Vegas… Are we expected to believe that Sharon recognized Adam’s voice after all these years? Why didn’t she recognize it when he had surgery to change his face? …Sharon seems to have been wearing the same outfit for days…. Nick shouldn’t have anything to worry about – no Judge would award custody of Christian to a man who gambles for a living and has no memory (never mind all the crimes he’s committed) That said, it’s more likely that Adam would steal the kid. Nick and Vikki won’t be happy when Victor brings his heir apparent home. Vikki might as well give up her corner office now.