Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Indigo was Neil’s ride and joy – he’d appreciate having a sage dedicated to him; a plaque put up. Elena admires the way Devon’s handling his Father’s death (so much better than she handled her Mom’s) It was my fault. Se was epileptic – it was my responsibility to make sure she took her pills. I was working crazy hours. I wasn’t there for her when she had the seizure, fell and died. Devon’s sorry – he knows how consuming guilt can be. But it is a choice – choose to let it go. Elena’s sorry, she can’t talk about it anymore (and quickly leaves the room)

Rey suggests they get some sleep. Sharon’s too amped up. What can Rey do to help? Hold me. A hug leads to a kiss – which leads to the bed.

Mariah’s so impressed by the song she hears on the earbuds that she screams like a fan-girl aloud. You and Ana must have found a way to work together. We’re on the same page now, Ana feels like a friend. Mariah looks worried when her phone goes off.

Napping on the couch, Devon has a dream about him and Hilary talking about her Mom. Elana awakens him – you were crying on your sleep. Seeing Hilary’s face, Devon reaches out to kiss Elena.

I’m sorry. I don’t know why I just did that, Devon’s confused – Elena even more so.

Do it – like ripping off a band-aid, Tessa instructs. Mariah’s relieved to see that the text on her phone is from sweet, innocent Faith. Tessa hopes her reply scared the guy off. Maybe – but maybe we don’t want to scare him off, Mariah says. Why? Tessa asks. You’ll see.

Traci tells Cane about her main character Flynn – rough around the edges, he sometimes does the wrong thing for the right reasons. Traci sees Cane as her character. Where were you? he asks as she zones out. In the 1940’s, Traci apologizes. Laughing, she shows Cane out. Let me know how things go with my alter ego, he might ask Flynn for some tips. Now alone, Traci immediately gets back to her novel.

Waking up, Sharon leaves Rey asleep as she puts on a robe and steps out into the hallway. Seeing nothing, she goes back inside. What is it? Rey tells her to come back to bed. Doing so, Sharon’s eyes are wide open as Rey spoons her.

Next: Jack and Lauren clash in the boardroom …. Mariah defends Tessa …. Abby discovers a secret.