Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

At the office, Jack tells Lauren that the project Kyle and Summer are off working on will benefit Fenmore’s too. Yes, Phyllis came to him – she wants to tie her new company to Jabot Collective. Jack’s resistant to the idea but Lauren’s not opposed.

Meeting Theo, Summer and Kyle pitch Jabot Collective and their marketing strategy – using social media/influencers. He lists a names that impress Kyle and Summer. Assuming they’re a couple, Theo wonders how they make that work – you work all day and then go home and play.

Mariah and Tessa stroll through the park. What did you mean you don’t want to scare off the person threatening you? Tessa asks. Ana interrupts – I wasn’t expecting you, she makes it very clear that Mariah’s to get lost. I’ll be just over here, Mariah perches on a nearby bench. Ana has some ideas for Tessa’s hair – short and blond. Or fire engine red. On a nearby bench, Mariah eavesdrops. Tessa will think about it. Ana moves on to clothes – you need to show a little skin. Mariah chuckles. What is your problem? Ana glares at her.

Theo’s confused – the wedding was a stunt? No – it’s complicated, Kyle’s vague. Our relationship is strictly business but we work well together. We have our own personal lives off the clock. Wanting to take them to a new club, Theo’s surprised to hear that they’re not staying the night and are heading back to GC right away. Theo leaves Summer to scold Kyle. Shrugging off her nagging, he stands to exit – the jet’s waiting.

Cutting veggies in the kitchen, Lola grudgingly gives Arturo two minutes to announce that he and Mia are moving back to Miami. Are you out of your mind?! Rey won’t let Mia leave with a baby that might be his. Rey’s not a saint but he won’t send this baby’s Mother to prison for an accident. What accident!? Lola pounces – MY accident!! Mia attacked me that night!