Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Traci’s scene plays out. Cane/Flynn’s not sure he wants the job. Fine, Lily will take the case to someone else. Hold on, Flynn believes she’s still in love with him and looking for a reason to come back. Returning Flynn’s smile with a fake one, Lily slaps him across the face. Traci’s writing is interrupted by a call from Cane – he’d like to talk unless it’s bad timing. Not at all, Traci was just curling up with a good book.

Adam and I were on and off for years, Sharon explains. Our relationship was unhealthy but our connection was undeniable; we loved each other. Sorry if this is hard to hear. Rey hasn’t heard anything that makes him feel any better about Sharon seeing this guy again. Sharon continues; Adam can be vengeful and scheming – but he can also be kind, loving, even heroic. Adam took a bullet for Victor and saved Faith’s life during a tornado. He saved my life also. Sharon confides that she had a mental breakdown; was having delusions, hearing voices. I heard Nikki and Victor say I was unlovable and worthless. In my altered state, I burned their house down. Adam saved me from the fire and kept me hidden away. Adam saved me physically and emotionally – he got me into therapy where I was diagnosed as bipolar.

Rey’s sympathetic – it must have been a real struggle. It was, but Sharon’s managing her condition with medication and therapy. That’s why she hasn’t mentioned it before now. I’m here for you, Rey’s supportive – Sharon’s problems are his problems too. That’s it? Sharon’s relieved by his reaction. It’s called being in love, Rey gives her a hug. There isn’t anything else is there? he asks tentatively. No, that’s everything, Sharon wipes away tears. Yes, she does worry a bit that Adam might get into her head. But no, she can’t back out. She wouldn’t be the person she is today without Adam. I need to return the favour. I owe Adam my life.

Cane tells Traci that he had a rough conversation with Devon. You’re the only one who doesn’t think I should give up. Traci’s prone to believe in happy endings and hopes she hasn’t encouraged Cane to unrealistic expectations. Cane knows a new job and downsizing won’t fix everything. The real reason he’s there is because the house is so quiet. With the kids gone, he has time to think about being a good Father, like Neil – a better man. You’re a good friend – I never ask how YOU’RE doing – so how’re you doing? Nobody’s asked me that in a long time, Traci admits.

Back at the penthouse, Ana credit Devon’s input for their successful session, while Tessa thinks Ana a great producer. Maybe I can tag along next time, Jet suggests. Tessa jumps in quickly – no way she can sing in front of him. Jet advises Tessa to never hide her voice. Jumping behind the piano, he sings, Ana joins in – Tessa too. All three are singing when Devon comes home. Don’t stop on my account. Neil would have loved it. Actually, you’ve given me a great idea.

Music heals and brings people together, Elana agrees. Devon wants to do a tribute to Neil at Society and dedicate the stage to him. That way Neil’s love for music will live on forever.

Adam was there for me at my rock bottom – and now I’m in a position to help him. Rey worries Adam will take advantage of Sharon’s compassion. Sharon wants to put her psychology degree to use. Before Adam was presumed dead, we’d both moved on and were just friends. He’s no threat to what you and I have. In that case, Rey offers his support.

Traci spends most of her time tending to Dina. It’s hard – but this time with her is a gift. Neil’s passing has tamped down the feud between Jack and Ashley. Cane knows Traci’s always stuck in the middle. They treat the rest of us as collateral damage. Traci appreciates being able to vent for once. Her conversations with Cane haven’t been one-sided – you’ve inspired me. I’ve started a new book. A period piece, my first mystery. The protagonist is loosely based on you. This guy sounds like a complete mess, Cane jokes. A bit, Traci laughs – but he’s still my hero.

At CL’s, Mariah tries to downplay how startled she was by Tessa – too many lattes, she insists. Tessa reminds – we aren’t hiding things from each other anymore. Shown the texts, Tessa’s pissed – who does this guy think he is!? You should have told me. You’re NEVER a ‘distraction’ – it IS a big thing if someone’s stalking the woman I love. Tessa sends a reply – what did I do to upset you. Maybe we can talk it out.