Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Sharon and Victor discuss Adam. You didn’t see him, Victor points out – he had no idea who I was. I’m not ‘stalking’ him and Nikki shouldn’t have hired Rey. Adam backed out of seeing me because I wasn’t alone, Sharon thinks Victor should give Adam some space. Victor sighs – he’s my boy. We’ve had a difficult relationship. He doesn’t know who the hell I am – I can’t leave him alone now. Sharon understands, you, Chelsea and I were the only ones who cared. Let me try, Sharon implores.

If Phyllis knew what Jabot had in the pipeline it would put her ahead of the curve. Just leave some designs on your tablet – I’ll do the rest. Summer squawks about her integrity. The Abbott’s welcomed me into Jabot – let me stay – now you want me to risk it all? Phyllis doesn’t like coming to Summer like this. Cut me a break? Humiliation eats at a person’s soul. I need something loud and sexy – I need this win. Summer has to get to work. You don’t need Jabot, she tells her Mom – there’s plenty of other connections – try Forrester in LA. If you want to start over, do it – move on.

Victor will let Sharon handle Adam on her own – for now. He’ll send Nikki home but will stay and keep a low profile himself. I’ll back off. If things go awry … Sharon knows what’s at stake. At the door, Victor heaves another sigh – he wants his son back.

Theo introduces Kyle and Summer to Nazanin; a self described jetsetter who ‘puts it all out there’. Tell me more about this Collective. She’d like to go to Society – see if it meets the hype.

When Abby comes out to blast Arturo for harassing Lola, he thanks her for not calling the police. Abby’s only keeping quiet for Lola and the baby. Rey appears to say ‘I appreciate that’. He stuns Lola – I already knew. You wouldn’t do that, she’s stunned….. Rey’s sorry. When he confronted Mia, she told him about the baby. I told Paul there wasn’t enough evidence. He fired me then asked me to look into it on my own time – that’s when I asked Arturo to be Mia’s alibi. He was with me, Abby protests – but the police bought it because you’re a cheating slime – this keeps getting better and better, she stomps off in a huff.

Chief Williams, Mia’s terrified to find Paul at her door.

Paul just wants Mia to know they haven’t given up on finding Lola’s attacker. He knows Mia has an alibi but needs to follow up because Rey has other priorities.

Now alone with Rey, Lola expresses how hurt she is. She’ll stand by her family but remember ‘we’re in this together’. Aside, Abby gives Arturo the cold shoulder. He hopes she’ll go along with Mia being his alibi if the police question her. You want me to lie for you?! Abby’s outrage is curtailed when Kyle and Summer arrive with Theo and Nazanin (a big fan of the woman who practically invented viral video) Of course Abby can fit them in, follow me.

Sharon’s phone pings; a text from Adam – I’ll see you (at a specified address) but you alone – don’t tell anyone. You have my word, Sharon replies – she’ll see Adam soon.

The night Lola was found in the pool you had a public fight with Abby, Paul reminds. He sounds skeptical that Arturo left Abby to meet up with Mia. Where and what time did you meet up? Can anyone confirm that? Another tenant? No – we were careful – I was married, Mia reminds. Were you and Arturo still together when you heard about Lola? Paul probes. We never meant to hurt Rey, Mia insists. Or Abby? Paul adds. Of course not but my relationship with Arturo has nothing to do with what happened to Lola. My marriage is over and I’m pregnant, Mia whines – I need to rest now. Is that what you plan to do now? Rest? Paul looks over at the packed suitcase.