Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Lola never said how she found out about Mia, Rey’s curious. I let it slip, Arturo admits. But you were the one who decided I was going to be Mia’s alibi, he says in his defence. When Theo and Nazanin want to meet the chef, Kyle boasts that she’s his girlfriend and heads to the kitchen to bring Lola out. She’s just pleased to see him. Can you do that ‘chef stops by the table to make people feel important’? Yes, she leads the way. Here she is our executive chef. Theo and Nazanin are trying to steal you. Nazanin loves this woman – and asks Summer to take a picture of them. Lola’s a genius – everyone should know her name, Kyle looks proud – Summer’s smile is more a grimace.

Hesitating in front of room 373, Sharon knocks. Riza answers and she lets here in – you’re here to see Spider. You two… You two what? This situation’s complicated, Sharon asks – How well do you know Spider? If there’s anything you can tell me… Riza’s silent. Sharon notes the lack of photos, books etc. like Spider doesn’t want to leave a trace. He got detained but wants you to make yourself comfortable, Riza wishes Sharon ‘Good luck’. Why would I need ….? Riza’s gone. Sharon snoops around and finds something interesting in an envelope.

We’re going to a club. Theo’s in as are Summer and Nazanin. Lola and Abby can’t – they have to wrap up. Let’s go, Summer interrupts Kyle and Lola. Rey and Arturo appear – to discuss Mia’s alibi. I’m supposed to lie and say Arturo wasn’t with me – he was with his sister in law, Abby’s not impressed. If the cops come to ME, I won’t lie.

Paul sees holes in Mia’s story. Try again – tell the truth. I can see you’re not a criminal. Maybe you snapped. It was an accident, Mia caves. I never meant to hurt her. Mia just wanted to talk to Abby – she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I pushed her and ran away. I didn’t know it was Lola or that she fell in the water. Mia then gasps and doubles over in sudden pain.

Arturo and Rey may have lost their jobs but Lola would like to keep hers. The Chief calls. Rey announces that they’re taking Mia to the ER. Arturo’s coming too.

Phyllis calls Ashley – sorry it’s early there but I have a proposition for you.

Chatting with Abby at the bar, Lola’s surprised when Kyle returns. He told the crew he had somewhere else he needed to be.

Sharon finds photos with names on the back, Nick, Vikki etc. Snooping some more she finds another photo of Christian. Wondering why Adam kept this photo seperate, Sharon hears a door open and close. OMG – it is you, she gasps.