Friday, May 10th, 2019

Nikki’s already at Nick’s when Billy and Vikki arrive – freshly showered after their camping trip they’re updated that Spider is Adam – your brother is alive.

Sharon’s stunned – it’s really you. Adam didn’t mean to startle her. No, he can’t recall anything – even the explosion. No flicker of the past? Even now, seeing my face? Hearing my voice? Still nothing? Sharon probes.

‘I love you too’, Lola (at the Abbott mansion) ends a call with Rey – Mia’s at the hospital undergoing tests; the cramping has stopped. Kyle knows all about family drama – what can I do for you? Ditching work for Lola wasn’t a hardship – there’s nowhere else he’d rather be ~kiss~

Adam thought seeing Sharon would be the lightning bolt that triggered his memories. Victor told me about us – it all sounds like a wild story. He felt nothing for his Father except intimidation. Maybe it’s best he doesn’t remember. Sharon shows him the photo he kept (while throwing the others in the garbage) Adam was told Christian’s his son. He wanted to feel something. Sharon takes out the rest of the photos – part of you must remember who you are.

Back at Nick’s, Billy and Vikki absorb the news – Dad knew for months. Has Adam forgotten he’s a fugitive? He once convinced us all he was blind, a skeptical Billy reminds. Nikki explains that the doctor specializes him memory retention – Risa, the poker queen is his only friend. Hearing that Victor had the Governor declare Adam a free man, Billy concludes that Victor’s ready for the prodigal son to return. The three Newmans share a look.

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Sharon tells Adam a bit about Christian. He doesn’t see himself in the child’s eyes – maybe he just feels sorry for the kid – or guilty that he shares my DNA. Victor’s been forcing me to talk to a doctor about my feelings. None of this is making my life better, Adam whines. Sharon describes his relationship with Victor as complex – at times you brought out the worst in each other. That’s why Adam wants to leave the past in the past.

Observing that Kyle’s wearing the watch she gave him, Lola doesn’t think it fancy enough to impress the ‘influencers’. It’s his favorite watch and Kyle will leave the ‘impressing’ to Summer. This way she gets the attention and the credit – Kyle will focus on balance. When she suggests they take a swim, he hesitates (remembering pulling her out of the water) Lola bought a really cute swimsuit. What are we waiting for? Kyle agrees.

Victor’s avoiding Nick’s calls – he must know where I stand. Nikki’s OK with being kept in the dark. Victor’s using Sharon as bait, Nick frowns and wonders what else his Dad will offer Adam to bring him back into the fold.

Adam wants Sharon to tell Victor to go back to his life and ‘leave me to mine’. Your life was so much bigger than this, Sharon sees Adam meeting her as a sign he’s interested in his old life. You’re NOT a waste of anyone’s time, she takes his hand.