Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Sharon and Rey are back in their suite after some distracting fun on the Vegas strip. He returns a call from Lola. Thanks God, she’s relieved to hear back from him – its Mia! She’s the one who attacked me! She thought I was Abby! Worse, Arturo knew and covered for her. Abby knows too. Please come home, Lola pleads. Sit still – Rey will be on the next flight home. Sharon understands that Rey must go back to GC and thinks it might be for the best – maybe Adam knew she wasn’t alone. She’ll help Rey pack – but first, ~kiss~

Back at Society, Arturo tells Lola that there’s a lot we need to discuss – all of us.

Summer’s pleasantly surprised to find Kyle at CL’s (she thought he was going to see Lola) Theo and one of his ‘influencers’ are flying here. Even though it’s after hours, Kyle agrees to head to Jabot. Meet you at the office. He leaves Summer to join Phyllis on the patio (all proud of herself because she didn’t punch Kyle in the head) Summer believes Jabot Collective will be a huge hit. That’s why Phyllis needed to see her – let’s talk.

Accessories is one thing Jabot Collective hasn’t covered- talk to Jack, Summer suggests. Phyllis did – he wasn’t interested. Oh – this is why my Jabot profile was accessed from an unauthorized computer, she clues in. Phyllis scolds Summer for using such an easy password and claims she was just looking for intel. Sorry, I overstepped but now I’m coming to you directly – help me. At least hear me out.

Sharon lets Victor into here suite. She just left Adam another voicemail. Could he be avoiding you? Victor wonders – you two had quite a history. The issue here isn’t me, it might be you, Sharon replies.

You lied to me, over and over again, Lola’s distressed. Arturo didn’t know from the beginning – by the time he did, this family was blowing up. No, Lola’s not going to the cops and asked Abby not to either – for the baby’s sake. Mia will be so grateful, Arturo says as he pulls out his phone.

Mia Rosales you are under arrest for the attempted murder for Lola Rosales. Mia awakens from the nightmare of Paul arresting her, hurls a suitcase onto the bed and starts cramming clothes into it.