Friday, May 10th, 2019

Nikki understands their concerns but Adam may choose to stay in Vegas – if based only on what he’s heard about his history in GC. He has few allies here. Adam’s greedy and manipulative – he’ll want a piece of the Newman pie, Nick’s sure. Nikki suggests Adam would rather go in search of Chelsea and Connor. He has no reason to come back to GC. Don’t forget what Adam means to Victor – he’d do anything for his children, she concludes the meeting. Nick’s left alone to leave a ‘call me’ message for Sharon.

Checking her phone, Sharon tells Adam that it’s not Victor, it’s your brother, Nick. Adam had been told that he heard that he looked like this mogul’s dead son so searched Adam Newman online. He read enough not to want to know more – or be him. Sharon asks about the explosion. Adam woke up on a freight train – joined a poker game and was good at it. Got a motel – second-hand clothes – kept winning and got nicer clothes, nicer hotels. Then Victor showed up. Sharon came to Vegas to find Victor. Why do you want to help me? Adam asks.

What did Victor tell you about ‘our’ history? Sharon asks. Just that we were close for a while. But it was over long before ‘I blew up’. Apologizing for the joke, none of this seems real to Adam. It was very real to the rest of us, Sharon assures. Yes, our time together was over – you were married to Chelsea. Did Victor mention Conner? Yes, two kids without a Dad, Adam wonders what’s in it for Sharon. I was in a very dark place, she confides that Adam changed her life. I burned down Victor’s house. You saved me from the fire and got me help. Being diagnosed as bipolar lead to Sharon getting a degree in psychology. She’s not here as a professional – she’s here as a friend. I can never thank you for what you did for me.

At home, Nick flashes back to confronting Sharon about her hooking up with Adam again. How many times has this psychopath ruined your life? He’s changed, Sharon claimed. Disagreeing, Nick insists she stay away from Adam – if not for your own sake, for Faith’s.

After a swim, Lola and Kyle return to the main house. As they kiss, Summer rings the doorbell. It’s late, Kyle says dismissively – answering the door clad in a towel. Barging in, Summer grumbles about doing the heavy lifting for his family’s company while he’s skinny dipping. Classy. Kyle has faith in Summer’s people skills. Well, the deal is NOT closed – Nazanine doesn’t like being blown off by junior execs. Theo’s not impressed either. There’s a car waiting – Kyle needs to fix this – now – or the deal is screwed.