Monday, May 13th, 2019

Sharon bursts into Nick’s place to update him on her surreal experience with Adam. He changed his mind and hopped on the jet with her and Victor. Adam’s home.

So this is Newman Enterprises, Adam moseys around Victor’s office. No, he doesn’t remember ever being there.

A clearly hungover Summer removes her sunglasses as she arrives at Jabot and steadies herself as Kyle appears to bellow in her ear – did you have a late evening??? Hearing she had a nightcap with Theo, Kyle claps his hands in her face and reminds that she was already tipsy when interrupting his evening with Lola. Take the day off, I can handle the meeting with my Dad – Kyle knows what Summer’s up to and it’s not going to work.

Summoned to CL’s, Lauren expresses concern for Phyllis. I’m here, whatever you need.

Hearing that the rest of the family is anxious to meet him, Adam finds that daunting. He’d rather take things slow; meet them one at a time. Victor understands – who would you like to meet first?

Adam knows Christian is his son, Sharon reports that his photo was the only one he didn’t throw away. Nick panics – he must want him! Sharon disagrees and fully believes she’d be able to detect some glimmer of the old Adam (if he was playing her) Nick makes it crystal clear that he won’t give up Christian. I will protect that boy with my life! Sharon wouldn’t have brought Adam back to GC if she knew he’d turn everyone’s life upside down. He’s already doing it! Nick scowls. Sharon doubts Adam will stay long – he deserves to know who he is. Yes, she wants to see the good in Adam – as he once did for her. Keep an open mind – for me, Sharon implores.

Kyle and Summer bicker in Jack’s office. You’ve been creating reasons for us to work together longer than necessary – to keep me from Lola, he whines – accept that she and I are together – you and I are NOT. Stop embarrassing yourself. When Jack arrives, they argue about whether Summer’s well enough to work. When she steps out for some sparkling water, Jack warns Kyle that he and Summer must learn to coexist. I’m back, Summer announces – what did I miss?

Vikki and Nikki have both been summoned to Victor’s office – all they know is that Adam flew home with Victor on the jet last night. A frustrated Vikki wishes she knew what was going on in her family to better prepare for the storm coming their way.

Victor saunters into Nick’s followed by Adam – who states the obvious; you must be Nick. I think Sharon told you we were back, Victor mumbles smugly then leaves the brothers to talk. This is weird, Nick awkwardly admits. He somewhat envies his brother for having no memory of what happened, then describes the explosion – I would have run in to get you if I thought you survived. Adam’s heard he lived a colourful life. It was a damned rainbow – your eyes always on that pot of gold. Nick can’t welcome Adam back, or believe him.