Friday, May 10th, 2019

Kyle states what should be obvious based on him wearing swim trunks – I’m off the clock. When Lola suggests Kyle go smooth things over, Summer appreciates her work ethic. Lola’s also concerned about what hoops Nazanine will make Kyle jump through when you have an actual deal. Calling Theo to check in and apologize for leaving early, Kyle smiles at Lola – yes, she IS amazing. So, it wasn’t a problem that I left early, Kyle confirms. Have a good flight home. We’ll be in touch. Kyle’s smug – the deal’s in place. Go home Summer – sleep it off and tomorrow you can tell my Dad how you saved the day. After Summer slams out, Lola’s amazed that Kyle knew Summer was lying. She wouldn’t want to cause problems between him and his Dad. Kyle finds it weird being with someone who has his best interests at heart. Some things are worth the wait ~kiss~

At Society, Vikki’s perturbed that Adam could have walked into their Vegas poker game. She can’t even think about it. Billy was wrong to tell Vikki not to dig into what Victor was up to. Yes, he does think Adam will come back to GC. He’ll always be part of my life. In court, Billy said he forgave Adam – but will never forget what happened to Delia. He’ll make sure Adam knows he has his eye on him – Billy’s new mission in life is to protect Vikki and the kids.

There’s more to our story, Adam suspects. There is for any relationship – Sharon will tell him in due time. Adam realizes that Victor sent Sharon because she’s the only one who believes he’s worth redeeming. No, the sadness and regret at your memorial service was sincere – everybody would be grateful to have another chance to do better; to heal. Adam thinks that sounds exhausting. He has a life in Vegas. What fills your day? This apartment – it’s soulless. There’s no personality, no pictures, Sharon notes (and disagrees that Adam could ever be boring) The Adam Newman Spider read about deserves to be run over by a truck. Come home to GC, Sharon invites – just for a week. Adam agrees to think about it. That’s all Sharon can ask. Good night. Adam’s left smiling/smirking.

At Society’s bar, Summer orders a Dark and Stormy. When Theo calls, she invites him to join her for a nightcap.

Lola didn’t know that was a real thing – her knees just buckled. I don’t think I can walk. No problem, Kyle carries her up to bed.

Also at Society, Vikki’s relieved Adam didn’t die. We can handle it – we make each other strong. Yes, she trusts Billy. He wants to make the most of the calm before the storm – time with family ~kiss~

At the bar in Vegas, Sharon updates Victor by phone – I think Adam trusts me. He’s thinking about coming home for a week. We just have to see if he’s ready to take the leap. In his room, Adam flips through family photos and starts to pack.