Monday, May 13th, 2019

Smirking as he pockets his phone, Jack encounters Lauren at Jabot and asks her to have lunch with him. She can’t – she’s meeting Mike but is always there to support her friend Jack. You’re not going to eat alone, are you? Lauren knows Jack’s next love is out there – you just have to find her.

Adam had a flash of familiarity but it’s gone – or maybe he just willed himself to react. The puzzle pieces might start coming together, Sharon has hope. We’re neighbours – don’t hesitate to reach out, she smiles as Adam leaves.

Vikki’s at Nick’s for an update. Adam sounded sincere, Nick has to admit. If I didn’t know better … But we DO know better – we can’t let our guard down, Vikki says dramatically.

Lola has to cover dinner shift tonight. She’ll be exhausted and late – Kyle will probably be in bed so she’ll just stay at her place tonight. Her jaw drops when Kyle suggests they move in together.

At CL’s, Summer mopes over a wedding photo on her phone. Her lip trembles and tears threaten to spill as she hits the delete button.

Well, that didn’t take long, Jack crows when Phyllis marches into his office. The text wasn’t a threat, he corrects – it was a warning.

Vikki’s still griping to Nick about Dad being vague. There’s more to him bringing Adam home – something he doesn’t want us to know.

Hanging up his phone, Victor’s surprised to find Nikki looking down at him. What do you expect? He’s my boy? Victor defends himself. Nikki thinks something’s off – you didn’t prepare the family for Adam’s return. He’s my son, Victor repeats. Nikki worries Victor’s not thinking clearly. With a hug, Victor assures he is. OK, Nikki will leave him to tend to Adam while she protects the rest of the family on the off chance that Victor’s he’s thrown a grenade. Exchanging ‘I love you’s’, Nikki leaves.

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At the tackhouse, Adam opens a duffel bag full of money and looking around to make sure the coast is clear, hides it in a cabinet. Looking out the window, he sends a text. ‘In GC. Everything going smoothly’.

Next: Mike finds himself in a compromising position … Rey demands the truth from from Mia …. Lauren plays matchmaker.

My Thoughts: Sharon let herself in? Does she have a key to Nick’s house? Or does the millionaire whose latest hobby is random hookups in his living room leave his front door unlocked so that anyone can just barge in? With all the hidden cameras the Newmans find installed in their homes it’s amazing no one thinks to hook them up for their intended purpose – detecting intruders before they appear in your living room. You must be Nick, Adam says as if it’s a total surprise – like Victor didn’t tell him where they were going. Like Adam wouldn’t have Googled Nick and the family as soon as Victor appeared in his life … If Sharon were half the psychologist she thinks she is after all those community college night classes, she’d realize that the best way to help Adam would include closely consulting with a real psychiatrist before throwing him a parade of people who (with good reason) hate him. And what about Vikki’s mental state? And Nikki’s physical state? Does Victor not care if her MS ‘flares up’? And what nerve to show up at Nick’s ‘thinking’ that Sharon updated him. What a shock it would be for Nick if she hadn’t – and no concern whatsoever should Christian be playing dinosaurs on the floor… Knowing that Adam was always a ‘good actor’ and that he’s spent the last few years perfecting his poker face, Sharon really believes Adam couldn’t fool her? Come ON … All his millions and connections to contractors and Nick can’t hire someone with working knowledge of a level to hang the framed photos in his hallway? … How would Lauren know that launching a new company is never easy? She inherited Fenmore’s; a company her Father founded before she was born … Victor’s doting Father act is beyond nauseating. And why is he telling Adam to ‘rest’? Poker games don’t break for scheduled nap time. Victor acts like Adam’s a toddler or recovering from serious surgery – like say, a liver transplant (which barely slowed Summer and Lola down for 5 minutes)… Why is Victor in a suit 24/7? … If it was so obvious that Summer was drinking the previous night, why did Kyle and Lola let her drive off drunk? And isn’t she on any medication after her liver surgery?