Monday, May 13th, 2019

Nick can’t just go back and pick up where he and Adam left off. This isn’t fun for me either – Adam’s not sure what his motive would be in putting himself through this. He doesn’t blame Nick for being suspicious but vows he isn’t lying. You’ve burned this family so many times, Nick recalls – this isn’t even the first time you faked your own death – you framed me for your own murder once, he reminds. Sorry? Adam doesn’t sound it. He didn’t ask for this. Victor found him and Sharon convinced him to come to GC. He doesn’t want to cause trouble and should probably go back to Vegas. Nick will give Adam the benefit of the doubt – for now – but I’ll never let you hurt this family again. Fair enough, Adam thinks it time to leave. Hey, welcome home, Nick’s left alone with his suspicions.

Pleased with the update on Theo and Nazanine, Jack hands over a tablet to show off Jabot’s first fashion designs. Kyle OK’s them but Summer proposes changes in both colour and textile. Cue the bickering – don’t you want ALL the designs to be great? Make the changes, Jack thanks the duo and stands to end the meeting. After Kyle exits, Summer needs a private word with Jack. No, it’s not about Kyle – it’s about my Mom.

Still at CL’s, Lauren continues to offer Phyllis her support – she even tried to get Jack to reconsider the Jabot Collective tie in. Knowing Jack wouldn’t budge, Phyllis pitched the idea to Ashley (which stuns Lauren) Yes, she planted Kerry at Jabot but Phyllis thought Ashley might want to show Jack up too. Lauren delivers some hard truth – get out of the revenge game; you suck at it. Do something that doesn’t involve the Abbott’s. Hmmm – Summer said the same thing, Phyllis admits. Do something crazy, listen, Lauren concludes.

In the tackhouse, conveniently located close to Daddy and Sharon, Adam appreciates the generosity but questions Victor’s urgency; his desperation to get him to come home. If I regain my memory, what do you expect of me?

Victor gushes about how much he missed Adam and wished for a better relationship; Father and son working side by side. Adam knows nothing about business. It’ll come back to you – it’s in your DNA. You graduated from Harvard, Victor adds – then leaves Adam to settle in. Let me know if you want to meet anyone else today. Call if you need anything. Having you back is a miracle, Victor says in parting. Looking exhausted and relieved to be alone, Adam sits.

Meeting Kyle in the park, Lola updates that Mia and the baby are OK. She’s not surprised to hear that Summer’s ‘hurting’ today – she put on quite a performance last night. Kyle boasts that he set his ex straight. Summer needs to accept reality. This reality? Lola coos. The one and only ~kiss~

Summer feels guilty coming to Jack behind her Mom’s back but tattles that even after he rejected her tie-in idea, Phyllis still tried to piggyback off Jabot by using her password to access Jabot’s system. She couldn’t find anything of use so asked me to slip her some files. Jack’s annoyed – what Phyllis is asking is unethical and illegal. He knows how hard this was for Summer and won’t forget her loyalty.

Phyllis hears what Lauren’s saying but whines about being screwed over by Jabot and the Abbott’s. When I get knocked down I hit back twice as hard. Retribution can backfire, Lauren advises Phyllis to build her company into something she can be proud of – do it all on your own.

Adam jumps off the couch when Sharon comes banging at the door and spying through the window. How are you? she comes in to chirp. Honestly – being here is a lot to digest. I saw Nick. It was intense. Apparently, I did a lot of bad things. And good things – I’m here, Sharon offers her company. Adam feels like she’s his only friend. Your family loves you, Sharon reassures. Confirming that she lived on the property when they knew each other, Adam asks to see the place – perhaps it will trigger his memory.

Adam doesn’t recognize me as his father but it’s encouraging that he agreed to stay in GC for a bit – Victor doesn’t want to overwhelm Adam with questions and meetings so the womenfolk might not get to see him today. Both Nikki and Vikki are annoyed that Victor didn’t confide in them. He had to find out what we’re dealing with. And what are we dealing with? Giving Adam a chance.

Picnicking on take-out in the park, Lola and Kyle are ever so happy to be making up for lost time.

Here we are – home sweet home, Sharon follows Adam in. Wandering and looking about, Adam suddenly whips around with a startled look. What? Did you remember something? a wide-eyed Sharon asks.

All by her lonesome at CL’s, Phyllis looks even more dejected when she pulls out her phone to read a text from Jack ‘nice try’.