Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Joining Traci at Society while she waits for Mike, Lauren’s happy to hear that she’s working on a new novel. It’s the most exciting time, Traci gushes. If Lauren didn’t know better she’d think Traci was in love. Traci giggles and spots Cane out of the corner of her eye.

‘Nice try’? Phyllis has no idea what Jack’s text is about. He lies too – the IT department alerted him to the fact that she accessed Jabot’s servers. And her pitch alerted him to the fact that Jabot Collective needs to add accessories to its product line – you just got yourself some competition, Jack smirks.

Rey and Arturo both enter Mia’s hospital room to hear that she’s fine – just Braxton Hicks contractions; nothing to worry about. Rey’s suspicious that Mia faked the whole thing to stop Paul from arresting her.

Picnicking in the park, Lola thinks Kyle’s joking about moving in together. He’s not – Whaddaya think? Kyle’s ready to take this relationship to the next level – how about you?

Nick finds Summer on the couch moping about Kyle. Love is dumb, he agrees – hopefully, you learned something. No, he won’t say I told you so. Let’s order food. How about coming to work at Dark Horse? Summer likes her job at Jabot. Nick worries about her working with her soon to be ex – but will support her if this is what she wants. He then drops the bomb – your Grandpa brought your Uncle Adam back from the dead.

You never believe me, Mia mopes. You never tell the truth, Rey counters. Give her a break, Arturo moderates the debate. Rey doesn’t ‘hate’ them – he’s disappointed that the two people he loves the most keep breaking his heart. The two of you will never change. We never meant to hurt you, Arturo claims. We? You two are together? I should have expected this, Rey sighs. Say what you will but this baby might still be yours, Mia reminds.

Warning that he’ll press charges if Phyllis accesses Jabot’s servers again, Jack dismisses her from his office and puts on his friendly voice to answer a call. On her way out, Phyllis spots a billboard on the couch; Jabot Collective’s new logo. The moment she closes the door behind her, she grabs paper and pen to sketch the logo and hurries off.

Declaring Jack ever so handsome – those eyes, that smile; tall and handsome; a fine catch, Lauren thinks he better start dating again or he’ll spend the rest of his life eating alone. Oops – sorry. Traci’s fine on her own; she has her work, her friends. Arms folded, fake smile in place, Lauren looks unconvinced. When Cane comes over, she assumes he’d like to talk to her. Actually, I’d like to talk to Traci, he grins. Lauren smirks knowingly, Traci looks like a shy schoolgirl with a crush.

Adam can’t remember a thing? Summer’s stunned – what happens now? Family reunion? Where are Chelsea and Connor? Nick has no idea and doesn’t want to know. Connor’s not Adam’s only son, Summer bluntly reminds – what about Christian?

Let’s list the pros and cons (Kyle lists a bunch of pros that easily convince Lola that they should live together) Let’s do it, she agrees with a kiss.