Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Now at her own table, Lauren greets Mike with ‘you’re late’. You’re so lucky I love you, she accepts a red rose and expresses her devotion to her beloved. She got a reminder today that some people aren’t as lucky as they are. Jack deserves someone special in his life. Help me find him the perfect woman – please. A pouting Mike has no interest in playing matchmaker.

Cane updates Traci that Lily wrote him a letter – handwritten, a real letter – doesn’t that prove she cares? Hearing that the letter was about how happy Lily is to be out of prison and with the kids in Lakewood, Traci gently points out that Lily just might be in the habit of writing letters because she was incarcerated. You could be right, Cane’s deflated but you can’t stop a guy from hoping, right?

No, Adam didn’t mention Christian and before the explosion he was cool with me raising him and being a Father figure to Connor, Nick reminds. Well, yeah – Summer lists why she and her siblings couldn’t wish for a better Dad. On some level, Adam knows that too. Hoping she’s right, Nick adds that Adam’s staying at the tackhouse but plans to leave in a week if he doesn’t remember anything. Phyllis makes a loud arrival – I figured you’d be here hiding behind *him*! she snarls. Oh, she’s way more than ‘upset’ – after everything I’ve done for you, you turned on me!?

Rey IS thinking about the baby – that’s why he wants a paternity test. When Arturo baulks at putting the baby and Mia at risk, Rey explains that the doctor only needs blood from Mia and cheek swabs from them; right here, right now. Arturo turns to Mia – this does make things less complicated. Mia agrees – let’s do it. But before Rey goes to fetch the doctor, she asks if he’ll still protect her if the baby’s not his. You confessed to Paul – it’s out of my hands (which Rey notices triggers Arturo and Mia to clasp hands)

Back home on her laptop, Traci happily types away. Behind her, a black and white scene plays out. She comes in to for light-hearted banter with ‘Flynn’.

What’s going on? Nick’s confused. Mom stole my online password to commit corporate espionage, Summer tattles (and tattled to Jack to teach Phyllis a lesson) When Phyllis whines that Jabot Collective adding accessories to it’s line up screws her over yet again, Nick objects – you broke the law, risked Summer’s job and SHE’S to blame? How much lower can you sink? Phyllis reminds that Nick started Dark Horse after hacking into NE’s servers and stealing his Father’s employees. She’s tired of being held to a higher standard than everyone else. Is there no one I can trust? Give it a rest – you’re not the only one with a lot on their plate. Adam’s alive – chew on THAT, Summer snaps and stomps out. Well, this I gotta hear, Phyllis expects answers from Nick.

Yes, Nick’s seen Adam but doesn’t think he’s the one ‘stirring things up’. You won’t win any Mother of the Year awards – Summer’s going through a rough time. Phyllis has fought her way to the top and has had everything ripped away from her. Then climb your way back without using everyone as stepping stones, Nick’s remark sends Phyllis marching out.

Updating Jack on her assignments, Summer appreciates his praise but surprises him by saying that she and Kyle aren’t a good fit to move Jabot Collective forward – we need to make some adjustments.

Packing up their picnic, Lola briefly worries about how her brothers will react to them moving in together. The plans come to a screeching halt when Kyle mentions Mrs Martinez. Wait – who said we’re moving into the Abbott house? Lola clearly didn’t.

Traci continues to type out her novel. Her character plays hardball on the phone as she orders someone to send her a check. Ready for your next assignment? Bring it on big boy, she laughs. There’s this dame – she wants me to dig up some dirt on this fella. This one’s complicated – this bird’s my ex. You’re not over her, Traci cracks – The only thing that broad’ll get you is a broken heart. Just today this lawyer’s old lady tried to tell me there’s nothing worse than being single. And what did Flynn’s witty secretary say? Her man would have to be pretty damn amazing to be better than no man at all! Traci jumps up when hearing a knock at the door. Cane! You’re always welcome here. I might be overstepping, Cane has an idea. Traci’s all ears.

Mike’s been summoned to CL’s by Phyllis – who pauses drawing a Jabot Collective logo on a tablet to ask – How do you create an anonymous shell company?