Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sharon knocks and walks into the tackhouse – did you leave the door unlocked? she asks. No, seemingly baffled by Sharon’s arrival, Adam’s positive he locked it.

In his office, Victor has a photo of Adam in his hand, phone in the other as he grills the PI who likely took them. I want to know where he goes and who he sees ~click~ Now looking at a framed photo of Nick, Abby and Vikki, Victor makes another call. Give me a call sweetheart – I have some news for you, he leaves a message.

Mia’s escorted into her suite by the Rosales brothers. Rey’s anxious for the results – he just wants the truth. And when Arturo defends Mia, she tells him to go back to Sharon – you don’t give a damn about me or this baby. We need to get real; be honest with each other – about everything, she demands.

At Society, Nate asks Abby to have a drink with him later tonight. He’ll tell her how his meal was then. Maybe I’m moonlighting as a restaurant reviewer, he jokes. Politely declining, Abby’s sworn off men. Don’t take it personally, she walks off.

Over tea at CL’s, Vikki and Billy are still reeling from the shock of Adam being alive and wonder why he’s really in town.

Back at the tackhouse, Adam’s relieved to find his bag of money is untouched. Yes, he always keeps this much cash on hand. Locking the door, he initially assumes that whoever was there didn’t come inside – until he finds a photo on the floor. Her name is Delia, Sharon provides. Do I know her? Adam asks.

Mia tries but fails to end the brothers bickering to focus on this baby. Arturo’s fed up with Rey acting like he’s better than them. You slept with my wife in Miami and again here, Rey whines. You were never there – you loved your job more than Mia, Arturo then calms down to say that he loves his brother. We both love you, Mia adds. ‘Empty words’ to Rey. Mia really tried – we gave it our best shot. Rey can’t agree.

Taking the photo, Sharon’s surprised that Adam knows he’s a fugitive. Victor told me not to worry about it but what did I do? Adam wonders. Suspecting Victor left the photo to try jog Adam’s memory, Sharon will only say that he knows Delia through Vikki (who she then calls to arrange a meeting at Society in 20 minutes) There’s things I didn’t feel are my place to tell Adam. Sorry that her Dad used Sharon, Vikki hangs up to update Billy – who insists on going with her to see Adam. Assuring Sharon that he’s ‘sure about this’, Adam marches off.

Softening, Rey sits to tell Mia that he loved her. She loved him too. Then, something broke, he’s sorry – but doesn’t correct Mia when she says he fell in love with Sharon. She’s only ever wanted his happiness. What about you? Rey asks. We’re thinking of heading back to Miami for a fresh start, Arturo chimes in. This baby will need both of you when I go to prison – there’s no stopping that, Mia sighs. Maybe there is, Rey gives her hope.