Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Over lemonade, Traci all but forces Cane to share his idea. OK – instead of infidelity, what if the ex hires the PI to find something for her; a priceless family heirloom, a heart-shaped locket or something? Traci thinks this locket idea could be interesting – the symbol of a broken heart; lost love. She doesn’t just like the idea, she loves it. The possibilities are …. ‘incredible’ she blurts out as she pictures Cane naked. I’m sorry, I got excited – about your idea, she stammers.

Kyle’s a bore – he doesn’t want to be out at the clubs, Summer tells Jack that he’s living the life of a middle-aged man – no offence. Has something happened that I don’t know about? Jack wonders. Summer rats Kyle out – he left her with Theo and Nazanine to rush home to his girlfriend. If Kyle can’t keep up, he needs to leave the photobombing and Kamacazies to her. No, this has nothing to do with our personal relationship – it’s strictly business. OK, Jack will talk to Kyle about reconfiguring the team. You won’t regret this, Summer promises with a handshake. Once outside the office, she calls Theo – how soon can you get back to GC? I had a huge epiphany.

Lola loves Kyle’s family but there’s so many of them – she lists all the Abbott’s living in the same house. She wants a place alone with Kyle. We could take over Arturo’s lease when he goes to Miami. OK, that’s not a great idea – but we can find a new place. Kyle doesn’t care where they live as long as they’re together.

Why do you need a shell company? Mike wants the truth. Yes, he’s heard that Phyllis is starting an accessory line. Jack turned me down and stole my idea, Phyllis pitches cool Jabot-like products without the huge price tags.

As her lawyer, Mike must tell Phyllis that there are laws against peddling counterfeit goods – especially seeing how much her logo looks like Jabot Collective’s. Everybody does it, Phyllis insists she’s on to something big. Mike’s advice; as her lawyer and long-suffering friend – don’t do it. You’re capable of creating something original. This idea wreaks of vengeeance. Standing, Mike knows she won’t take his advice. She then stuns Mike with the news that Adam’s alive. Victor worked his magic and made his legal problems all disappear. Phyllis is left to work on her stolen logo.

Back in his office, Jack flips through his mail and grimaces at a fancy invitation; The Night of one hundred stars in the city of lights. Abbott Exchange. if you’d like to attend an event with the true influencers of the world we’d love to see you – Ashley’s note reads.

After the doctor takes blood from Mia, he moves on to swabbing Arturo and Rey’s cheeks. In 24 hours everything changes forever, Arturo comments. Hey guys – whatever that test says this baby will have an incredible Father and Uncle. There’s nothing more important than having a Father’s love and protection, Rey adds. Pan to Nick staring at a framed photo of him and Christian.

Next: Victor takes control … Paul faces a tough decision .., Nate pursues Abby.

My Thoughts: Yes Rey – you should have ‘expected this’ – some would say you should have ‘detected’ it ….So much for Mariah’s journalist skills. Won’t she feel silly when she reads online that the notorious Adam Newman is her neighbour … When will Phyllis come up with a name for her new company – and get some actual accessories to peddle on a website she has yet to create? What do they even mean by accessories? Scarves? Costume jewellery? Purses? … Nick’s wrong in saying that Phyllis ‘tried to break the law’. Just because she didn’t find anything useful doesn’t mean she’s any less guilty of hacking into Jabot’s servers. I mean, if I break into a store after hours but don’t see anything I like, I’m still guilty of breaking and entering, just not theft …Chancellor Park seems to be more like a parkette. Why else would Kyle knowingly spread his picnic basket where JT’s body was unceremoniously dumped? … Oh please Lola – your brothers are too busy finding out who impregnated Mia to judge you on moving in with Kyle. And not to sound old fashioned (or worse, just old) but some would say the ‘next level’ in your relationship might be dating for a few more minutes before shacking up with Lola. Maybe even put a ring on your roommate’s finger…. Ahem. Speaking of old fashioned. If they’re going to attempt pairing Traci with Cane, how about dropping the black and white and over-done, old-timey talk like ‘dame’ and ‘broad’. It does nothing but draw attention to the age difference between the two. I’m all for Traci having a storyline but if it’s going to be a romance, can it be with someone who’s going to return her interest and not make her look like a foolish wallflower drooling over the highschool dreamboat? ‘Nuff said.