Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Napping on the couch, Adam’s jolted awake when his phone pings. The text reads ‘lay low – details to follow’. Then comes a knock at the door; this is your Father. May I come in? Why are you here? Something wrong? Adam says as he lets Victor in. No, on the contrary, Victor replies.

At CL’s, both Billy and Vikki are still processing Adam being alive. However, Vikki’s life won’t come to a standstill and she’d rather discuss Billy’s proposal.

At the park, Mia’s in deep thought as she holds her belly. Arturo arrives with an envelope (the paternity test results)

With the same envelope, Rey’s at Sharon’s door. He thought they should open it together.

Asked about his ‘stressful’ day yesterday, Adam still doesn’t remember running over Delia and seems disgusted with himself for covering it up. What kind of person does that? Someone who doesn’t want to go to prison, Victor shrugs it off. Thanks for taking me off the hook – but Adam sees these people as strangers, not family. Sure that Adam will regain his memory, Victor’s thought of something that might spark it.

The results will be life changing but Sharon promises Rey that either way, we will be OK.

On the park bench, Arturo opens the envelope. It’s all I wanted, Mia looks at the paper.

It’s Arturo, Rey announces. Are you OK? Sharon asks. Yes, this is the best outcome – especially for you and me, Rey says. Sharon can tell that there’s a part of Rey that hoped he’d finally be a Father. Rey’s not thinking about himself – this is better for the baby. Sharon understands that he’d feel let down – it’s OK to admit that.

Rey must be relieved, Mia comments. Arturo asks if this is the outcome she wanted. Mia believes there’s a reason things turned out this way. It was meant to be ~hug~

Hugging Sharon, Rey looks depressed.

Back at CL’s, Billy hopes Vikki’s answer is ‘yes’. Vikki loves Billy with all her heart – and that’s why we shouldn’t get married. She wants to be with Billy but doesn’t want to put a label on their relationship.