Friday, May 17th, 2019

Paul and his detective are combing the crime scene. Holy cow, Paul calls Eddy over – have a look at this (the duffel bag full of cash) Robbery is ruled out as a motive. Adam is clearly the target.

At Adam’s bedside, Victor babbles to his son. If you could talk you’d probably tell me to get the hell out. Those were your last words to me before the explosion. I don’t want to argue with you anymore. You’re home now. I’ll keep you safe my boy.

Who am I gonna watch soccer and do shots with? Lola jokes with Arturo. Kyle? He’s more of a tennis and wine guy. I’ll miss you ~hug~ Mia not so much. I heard that, Mia appears to say. She promises to make Arturo happy and keep them posted on the baby. After more hugs, a weepy Lola sends Kyle a text – are you busy? I could use a hug. Turn around, Kyle replies instantly – then walks over to hug Lola.

Summer’s back in Jack’s office to touch base. Kyle agreed him being reassigned is for the best. She shares her concern that her Mom’s up to something. What’s the worst she can do? Jack’s not worried. I don’t think you want to find out, Summer is.

Setting her drink aside, Phyllis hesitates a moment then hits the ‘launch site’ button on her JCV website.

Clasping hands, Sharon says it’s OK for Rey to feel disappointed and hurt. It’s time to move on – Rey’s filed for divorce and ready to move on to a new chapter in his life, with Sharon ~kiss~

Back on the patio, Billy assures Nick that he wouldn’t waste a bullet on that dirtbag. He was with me when Adam got shot, Vikki adds. And Nick? He was with Christian. The bickering men have only one thing in common; their dislike for Adam. Buckle up, Billy’s sure things are going to get worse.

Victor continues to hold vigil at Adam’s bedside. Adam? Can you hear me? You’re at the hospital. You’re going to be OK. Dad? Adam croaks weakly. Victor’s surprised that he recognizes him.

My Thoughts: Oh look – Sharon’s front door wasn’t locked either… Don’t 911 usually ask for the name of who’s calling in? And ask the caller questions about the patient’s vitals – walk them through CPR etc. … Victor’s too busy loitering at the hospital to give Abby a call? Has already forgotten how pissed off she was that everyone in the family knew Adam was alive before her? And has he also forgotten that Nikki’s not supposed to be under stress? She shouldn’t be dealing with the police and press while Victor and the kids are doing nothing but hanging around GCM and CL’s … Really Vikki? You don’t see how the shooter got past security? JT managed to create an IT hub in the middle of the ranch without anyone noticing … Good Lord. I thought Phyllis was supposed to be a hotshot web designer/programmer. Who even uses splash pages anymore? And her navigation bar across the top doesn’t even include a link to her products. I wonder what she’s put on the ‘About’ page …. I wouldn’t think Jabot’s demographic would be too interested in ‘unboxing’ videos. Nobody’s interested in watching someone open a box except the person filming themselves … How on earth would a bullet in the gut spark Adam’s memory? He didn’t even hit his head on the way down; just floated to the floor like a feather…. Once again – paging Mariah. Is she so busy clinging onto Tessa that she’s missing the huge news story that’s happening right under her nose?