Friday, May 17th, 2019

Sharon tells Paul how she found Adam laying on the floor, bleeding. He didn’t say anything? Just my name – Sharon told him not to talk, to save his energy. Paul goes over it again. You heard a gunshot – found Adam and called 911? You’re not leaving anything out? You don’t believe me? Sharon’s indignant. It wouldn’t be the first time you haven’t been completely honest with me, Paul reminds. This is nothing like JT, Sharon says. Paul sees one similarity. Sharon would never hurt Adam. Victor comes in to ‘kindly’ ask Paul to stop interrogating Sharon – she had nothing to do with it. Don’t leave town, Paul instructs Sharon before exiting. Sharon thanks Victor for defending her. When Vikki and Nick arrive, Victor barely speaks to them as he goes into the hallway to mope alone.

Hearing the truck’s all packed, Lola’s glad Mia and Arturo didn’t leave before saying goodbye. Mia thanks Lola and Rey for not sending her to prison. She doesn’t expect Lola to forgive her – but IS sorry and will try to be a better person. Arturo will too – he wants this baby to have good parents. Have a safe trip, Rey finally speaks.

Someone tipped Victor off that Adam was in Vegas? Thinking that a miracle, Jack scolds his brother – surely you (of all people) wouldn’t deprive someone of having a second chance. Billy won’t forget the havoc Adam wreaked and now he’s picking up where he left off; bonding with dear old Dad and pushing Vikki’s buttons. When Jack mentions Delia, Billy takes offence – you have no idea what it’s like for me to have to look into that man’s eyes. Jack believes a second chance can change a man. Yeah, maybe Adam’s an even worse version of himself, Billy quips.

Nick ends his call; Mom sends her love – she’ll let Abby know (and deal with the police and the press) Vikki doesn’t see how the shooter got past security. She and Nick then grumble about Adam being a magnet for trouble. Listen to yourselves – you should be praying that Adam survives, not condemning him, Victor complains. Nobody wants Adam dead – but let’s face it – he could have met any number of shady characters in Vegas, Nick’s opines. Vikki adds that Adam had plenty of enemies in GC too. Sharon points out that at one time or another any one of us could be considered suspects.

Summer thinks her Mom’s fixation on revenge on the Abbott’s is unhealthy. They deserve to pay for what they did, Phyllis argues – am I supposed to walk away with nothing? Move on with your life, Summer implores. Phyllis rants – Kyle lured Billy into gambling – Billy embezzled from the company – Jack used Ashley’s paternity against her. They fired me for hiring the same chemist Billy and Jack both tried to hire. It’s deplorable! Phyllis wants to hit them where it hurts. But now that Summer told Jack what she’s up to, there’s no way Phyllis can carry out that plan.

Was it Summer’s idea to have me reassigned? Kyle can’t believe Jack’s letting her call the shots. It’s not a demotion, Jack corrects – it’s a lateral move. Look at it this way – you’ll have more time with Lola, he concludes.

Back at CL’s, Lola comforts Rey – she knows how much he wanted to be a Father. They screwed me over and are walking away with everything, he pouts. Not everything, Lola disagrees. Arturo is going to be a Father – you’re the only role model he’s ever had. He needs you now more than ever. Show him what an amazing Father looks like. Mia and Arturo come back inside to say they’re heading out. Rey hopes they have a happy life in Miami – take good care of that kid. Arturo and Mia want nothing but happiness for him too. Tears in their eyes, the brothers hug.

Paul ducks under the police tape and talks to the detective in the tackhouse. It’s possible the shooter never came inside the house. Our best chance at nailing this guy is Adam; if he makes it.

Still at GCM, Sharon concern about Adam proves to Nick that he was right – she shouldn’t have gotten involved. My Dad pressured you to help him. Adam saved my life, I owe him, Sharon replies. Now you’re repaid him. Walk away before you get hurt, Nick implores. They rejoin Vikki and Victor when Nate comes out to say that Adam’s lucky – they got the bullet out; he’ll be fine. It’ll be a while before Adam’s able to talk. We’ll call you. Declining a ride home from Vikki, Victor’s not leaving til he knows his son’s alright (and able to say who shot him)

Kyle accosts Summer as she gets off the elevator. Congratulations. You got what you wanted. We’re no longer a team. None of this is what Summer wanted. Maybe it’s for the best, Kyle softens. He’s sorry for what he put Summer through. You deserve to have someone who truly loves you. First, Summer wants to make a name for herself in the corporate world. If you ever need anything, Kyle offers. I got it. I have no doubt, Kyle smiles then leaves.

At home, Sharon updates Rey that Adam’s prognosis is good but you never know … Who would do this to him? He’s been through so much. Rey wishes he was still on the force to work the case; give Sharon some peace. You’re doing that right now, she snuggles into his embrace.

On the CL’s patio, Nick doesn’t want Adam dead, just to move somewhere else. Dad asked us to give him a chance, Vikki reminds. Can you do that? Billy’s arrival interrupts. Taking a seat he’s not surprised to hear that Adam got shot – what took so long? Nick has to ask – any chance you put that bullet in Adam?