Friday, May 17th, 2019

Sharon’s coming down her staircase when she hears the gunshot. Adam! she yelps and runs out.

His front door still wide open, Adam lays bleeding on the floor; his breathing laboured, his eyes flickering then closing.

In her suite, Phyllis is on her laptop finishing up her website design for ‘Jolie Chic Vision’. ‘Perfect’, she admires the JCV logo – which looks an awful lot like the Jabot Collective logo.

In Jack’s office, Kyle thinks that between their concept, products, marketing and this sweet logo our competitors won’t know what hit ’em. Including Ashley, Jack agrees. Both are smug/confident – it’s unique; nothing else out there like it.

In bed, Vikki and Billy roll apart panting. Happy engagement day. Oh, how they’ve missed one another. Vikki must get to work before Dad sets Adam up in her office. Billy’s still sure Adam won’t stick around. And if he does? Don’t trust him – not for a second, he warns.

OMG Adam! Can you hear me? Don’t try to talk. I’m going to get help. Sharon calls 911 – hurry – a man’s been shot, she gives the address and directions. They’re on their way, she tells Adam as she presses a towel on his wound. Stay with me. Hang on! I can’t, Adam bleats weakly. Yes, you can, Sharon persists – your life can’t be taken from you when you were just starting to get it back!

Ready to do this? Mia asks. Arturo thought he was. I’ll be right here with you, she reassures as Rey and Lola arrive at CL’s. We came to say goodbye, Mia announces.

Phyllis types out a blurb describing dynamic, affordable Jolie Chic Vision. Picking up her tablet to read a headline – A New Era for Jabot Starts in June – she resumes typing – don’t miss our June launch. When Summer makes a surprise visit, Phyllis discreetly puts her stuff away. Summer wants to make amends with her Mom – there must be something I can do. There is – quit your job and come work for me.

It’s going to be OK, Sharon reassures Adam as he’s rushed into the ER on a gurney. As he’s taken into a room, Paul appears – he just heard they brought in Adam Newman. So, it’s true, he’s alive. Yes, and Sharon prays he stays that way. She has little info for Victor when he arrives. As Adam’s wheeled out for surgery, Victor wags a finger at him – don’t die on me. I can’t go through this again. Paul hovers in the background as Victor and Sharon look worried.

Nick’s at home playing dinosaurs with Christian when he gets a text from Victor – Call me. Urgent. It’s about Adam.

Don’t let him get to you, Billy advises Vikki as she gets dressed. Adam has nothing on you; you’re smarter, stronger and you have one thing he’ll never have – a soul. That gives him an edge in my Father’s eyes. On cue, Vikki gets a text from Victor – I’m to call him. It’s urgent. Sending Billy on ahead, Vikki calls her Dad and hearing that Adam’s been shot and is in surgery, is on her way. Back at GCM, Victor turns to Sharon – who did this to my son?

Are you high? Summer scoffs at the idea that she’d quit Jabot to work at her Mom’s startup. Just last week you told me not to let Kyle force me out of my job (or was that just so I could spy for you?) If you work for me, you’ll one day run the company, Phyllis informs – that’ll never happen at Jabot (which is always and only about the Abbott’s; Jack, Billy and Kyle)

Back in Jack’s office, Kyle wants to use influencers to target specific buyers. See this? (he hands his tablet over) She’s huge on youtube. We’ll have her post unboxing videos then use her name as a code for a discount. When Jack wonders if Kyle isn’t wasting his Harvard degree stalking people on social media, Kyle immediately recognizes a Summer-scheme. Billy interrupts with a newsflash – Adam’s alive. What!? Jack wants to see him. Your big reunion’s not going to happen – he has amnesia, Billy adds (though the man who faked his own death is likely faking memory loss too)