Friday, May 24th, 2019

After their first night in their new (Rey’s old) apartment, Kyle jokes about Lola’s snoring ~kiss~ She wants to do something special they haven’t done before. What do you have in mind? Kyle’s interested.

On the CL’s patio, Billy has a triple espresso – he was online researching Adam all night (but didn’t find anything) Vikki relays Adam’s proposition; he wants 500 million, Chelsea and Connor’s whereabouts – and Christian. What happens when he doesn’t get what he wants? Billy’s sure the answer will be ‘no’.

Nick barges into the tackhouse to make it clear that they won’t cave to Adam’s demands – he can go to hell!

This isn’t a negotiation – I will never give you my son! Nick vows. You mean MY son – and Adam disagrees that they have nothing further to discuss. In fact, we have a lot to discuss.

Billy knows that Vikki won’t embezzle half a billion from NE and Nick would shoot Adam himself before giving him Christian. As for Chelsea, she disappeared like a ghost. Not exactly, she’s sent Nick a few texts, Vikki confides. Yes, Adam’s return is hard on Billy but don’t worry about me – history won’t repeat itself.

Nate arrives at Victor’s office. Yes, he has a diagnosis. It’s not good news but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight this. Huh, well – then we will, Victor wants to know all the options, no matter how experimental.

Lola’s idea is to make breakfast together (if Kyle can get his mind off sex) Cutting fruit, he suggests they put their own stamp on the apartment. Lola agrees – she’d like to paint and have a place to put her cookbooks. Kyle can’t think of anything else he wants – all he needs is Lola.

Nate’s next visit is to Society to see how Abby is. She’s trying to avoid family drama and keep things light; any and all diversions are welcome.

Back on the patio, Billy admits that Adam’s a trigger. He went to visit Delia’s grave – the anger is there but he won’t let it overtake him again. He sees a bright future with Vikki and the kids and won’t let anything ruin that. Yes, Vikki does believe him. Billy vows he won’t let her down.

So, it’s a definite ‘No’ on Christian then, Adam quips – how about Chelsea and Connor? Nick claims to have no idea where they went. Why are you so determined to weasel your way into their life? Adam’s missed out on so much – he now wants to be a Father to his boys. Nick isn’t buying all this talk of ‘family’ – you only care about yourself.

By ‘any and all diversions’, Abby didn’t mean Nate’s riddles (but gets one anyway) Now, when are we going on this date? Abby will check her schedule this afternoon and text him. Sounds good – I’m looking forward to it, Nate heads to the hospital. Abby’s left smiling.

Breakfast over with, Kyle wants to make Lola dinner when she gets home – keep your expectations low. Giving her a kiss, he leaves for work (supposedly) But in the hallway, he texts Abby – get Lola out of the apartment. I took the day off and have a surprise for her. Abby replies quickly – happy to help.