Monday, May 27th, 2019

As Traci oversees Dina putting together a picture board of a stylistic ensemble, she grumbles about the monitoring bracelet she’s forced to wear. It’s for safety – in case you get lost, Traci’s saved when Ashley arrives. So good to see you ~hug~ Do I know you? Hearing that Ashley came from Paris, Dina needs to check in with the office. The sisters are saddened by their Mother’s decline.

In their new apartment, Lola’s not bothered by the toilet lid being left up or the socks on the floor. She’s very impressed with Kyle conserving water by showering together – and getting her a bookcase ~kiss~

The ‘welcome banner’ still up, Rey needs to get a job so he can contribute to the household. There’s still today ~kiss~ Sharon answers the door. Mariah’s surprised by the banner – congratulations, she says awkwardly (but understands they don’t want to waste time) Devon’s loss reminds them all to cherish every moment. Off to the reading of Neil’s will, Sharon will first have lunch with Mariah. Rey will get started on his job search.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Dina toddles off to see Maime. You’re so good with her, Ashley praises her sister. She’s sorry she hasn’t been home more. It’s important that we’re united. Ashley’s heart is breaking – over her Mother – and today is the reading of Neil’s will. A sympathetic Traci gives her a hug.

Abby and Jack are home to hug Ashley. All three Abbott women praise Jack for keeping Dina home as long as he did. Kyle’s on his way but doesn’t know what’s happening. The difficult part will be explaining it to Mother. Dina appears – you all want to get rid of me, don’t you?

Cane’s with Mike at CL’s. He’ll grant Lily the divorce but still won’t give up on her. Hearing that he’s mentioned in Neil’s will, Cane will indeed be there. You ready? Mike hands over a pen and watches Cane sign the divorce papers.

Christian sent off to play dinosaurs, Nick explains why he summoned Nikki over – every instinct he had about Adam is true – he gave me and Vic a list of demands. What does he want? For starters; Christian.