Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

At Devon’s, Jack and Ashley greet Victor and Nikki. Standing beside Mike, Nate comments that Neil always enjoyed a good gettogether. Let in by Ana, Lily’s surprised to see so many people there – then thanks Cane for signing the divorce papers (and scurries off) Devon comes down to hug Lily. No, he’s not ready for this ~hug~

Lauren joins Phyllis on the CL’s patio (as she’s checking on her new website stats) You closed that laptop awfully fast, Lauren hopes it has nothing to do with shell companies (of course Mike told her) Phyllis swears she’s not up to anything shady.

Thanking the Newmans for coming, Devon asks all to take a seat. Sharon is also in attendance as Mike begins to read Neil’s last will and testament.

Neil leaves Nikki symbols of inspiration – his bible inscribed with a psalm and note. I can’t, Nikki tears up. ‘Never give up the fight’, she reads aloud. Flashback to Neil giving Nikki some much needed tough love. Neil also left Nikki a world atlas that Kay had given to him – with notes from her trip around the world. Nikki will treasure it always. Next, to the most intimidating man Neil ever met. Mike hands Victor a humidor of cigars and the nameplate from Neil’s desk at NE (then reads some touching words) Next is Cane – Neil leaves his forgiveness and hopes he can earn the forgiveness of all those he hurt. Cane will do his best.

To his ‘rock’, Neil leaves the Abbott Winters Foundation in capable hands – to carry on their legacy. Jack announces the opening of a new treatment centre that will be named after the great man they just lost. Next, to ‘the one who got away’ – 500K for Ashley to donate to the Alzheimer’s charity of her choice. “I know how hard it’s been to watch your Mother slip away”. Also, a personal token – a jazz LP. Flashback to Ashley and Neil kissing. Olivia can’t be with us today but Neil left her a donation to Doctor’s Without Borders and a sculpture. Sharon receives necklaces that were Dru’s. All remembering the one she pulls out, Sharon’s offer to give it to Lily, is politely declined. Mike continues to read; Malcolm (not there) is gifted with Neil’s photo albums. Ana’s surprised and honoured that Neil left her his entire vinyl LP collection. Moses and Sofia will receive money – with the bulk of Neil’s estate going to Lily and the twins – with hopes that the three kids will one day run Hamilton Winters together. Flashback to Lily and Neil hugging. Lily then gasps when Mike hands her a book of fairy tales – signed ‘go find your happily ever after’. Cane looks saddened (knowing it likely won’t be with him)

Cane continues to pout as Devon’s the one to comfort Lily. Neil left a letter for Moses to read on his 18th birthday. Devon’s next – flashback to them starting Hamilton Winters. Neil leaves Dveon his half of Hamilton Winters on the following terms. What terms? Devon asks.