Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Ester’s shocked to run into Adam at CL’s. We’ll catch up later – his quip leaves her speechless.

Sharon comes home to tell Rey that it was surreal hearing Neil’s final wishes – he’s really gone. She gushes about her one of a kind best friend Dru (who’s jewelry Neil left her) Now for a romantic night with Rey. He has a job interview – Nick wants me to handle security for Dark Horse.

Vikki drops by Nick’s office – got a minute? They discuss Adam’s demands. You can’t negotiate with terrorists, Nick’s firm. Vikki wants to come up with another way to neutralize Adam but Nick doesn’t want a battle. Late for a meeting, he asks Vikki to call if anything comes up. Seeing that Nick left his phone behind, Vikki finds Chelsea’s number.

Jolie Chic Vision? What the hell is this? Billy and Kyle are in Jack’s office. The logo’s the same as Jabot Collective’s (as is the ‘merch’ and products) they’re pissed – even more so when Jack adds ‘the real kicker’ – they’re also set to launch June 1st. Kyle and Billy are sure Ashley’s behind it. It’s not her style, Jack has the legal team shutting down the Bejing company. All three worry it won’t be in time. How did a foreign entity get proprietary information before we even launch???

At Society, Phyllis is making demands of a man who claims he’s working at top speed. This has to happen June 1st – time is of the essence, Phyllis stresses.

Finding Victor’s office empty, Adam looks at the portrait and taking a seat at Victor’s desk, snoops around a bit. Don’t get too comfy in that chair, Vikki comes in to say.

Kyle knows the few people who have access to this information wouldn’t leak it. When Billy suggests Summer, Jack asserts that she’s loyal to Jabot – she came straight to me when her Mother accessed the servers. She’s been working 24/7 to get our name out there, Kyle adds. Who else has the skills and motive? Maybe it was Chelsea (they recall her scamming Fenmore’s)

Wow – Sharon’s surprised that Nick hired Rey but of course she’s OK with it and can’t wait to hear all about it.