Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Billy and Vikki are in his parked car looking at the city lights. Nothing shines as bright as you, Billy oozes romance.

At CL’s, Lauren blasts Phyllis – we all told you to walk away. Revenge will shoot you in the foot. Are you really going to go through with this?! Go through with what? Phyllis feigns innocence. That ridiculous website selling Jabot knock-offs, Lauren really hopes Phyllis listens. You’re my friend – maybe the last one you have left. I had your back at Jabot and held your hand after that ended. You’re not just hurting Jack and Jabot, you’re taking money from MY pocket and hurting MY name. Shut it down or I’m going to Jack, Lauren warns. You wouldn’t, Phyllis seems sure. Try me, Lauren’s equally confident.

Adam updates Sharon that he called Chelsea but didn’t leave a message. Maybe she should hear it from someone else first – to soften the blow. Yes, someone like Sharon. Handing over the number, he asks Sharon to break it to Chelsea gently – my future is in your hands.

Fine, Phyllis confesses that she’s the one Jack’s looking for. He tossed me out of Jabot. You’re devaluing my products, my company, Lauren reiterates. Phyllis is only running the site for a few weeks – to get capital for her next venture. Jack will never find out, she’s sure. Lauren gives Phyllis 12 hours to pull the site and have Bejing incinerate every product in their warehouse. This is your last chance. Just do it!

In his Dad’s office, Kyle updates that he promised the IT department a party on Jaboat if they found out who’s behind JCV. The site is routed through several countries – but was created right here in GC.

Also getting Chelsea’s voicemail, Sharon leaves a message. I really need to speak to you. I have important news. Please call as soon as you can. Bye. Adam couldn’t have done it without Sharon. He has a whole future planned with Chelsea and Connor. They’re your family – and Sharon’s sure Chelsea will call back. We just have to wait.

Still parked, Billy praises Vikki’s courage – you’re badass. Vikki hopes Adam takes her offer. Billy continues to praise Vikki – fierce, strong and sexy as hell. Her ego thoroughly stroked, Vikki climbs over to the driver’s seat to kiss him.

Next: Adam searches for Chloe …. Devon is haunted by his dreams.