Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

It’s a little big for me but I’ll adjust, Adam leans back in the chair and props his feet up on Victor’s desk. Vikki has ten digits that will change Adam’s life; Chelsea’s last known number. That’s one demand down – now, let’s discuss the other two so you can be on your merry way.

The products will have to be ready for shipment. Good, Phyllis expects to be flooded with orders. We only have enough for a few weeks, the man cautions. That’s all Phyllis needs – then she’ll close up shop and vanish. It’s all part of her plan. Jack appears – sounds intriguing. I’d love to hear more.

Sounded like you were discussing a business plan, Jack takes a seat. I’ll call you later, Phyllis sends her associate off. She has no business to discuss with Jack – unless it’s her severance package. Refusing to reveal any details, Phyllis tells Jack that he’ll find out along with the rest of the world when she launches. When Jack persists, Phyllis hands her tablet over – open to a website for Summers and Associates – a tech consulting firm. Satisfied? The man you scared off is one of my computer geeks. You stole my accessory line, she reminds. Wishing her the best, Jack goes to greet Lauren in the background.

Nick thanks Rey for coming in. Part of the job is watching his brother, Adam. That sounds like PI work, Rey opines. They discuss Nick’s torn feelings on Adam being alive. Neither man believes the disgruntled gambler who walked into the police station to confess to shooting Adam. Adam started making demands, Nick informs – trying to pit Vikki and me against each other and he wants my son. Adam’s meaner and more manipulative than ever. Nick also wants Rey to provide security for the family. Because of her involvement with Adam, Sharon shouldn’t know all the details of Rey’s job description.

Vikki offers to wire 50 million to an offshore account if Adam leaves town. Christian belongs with Nick – you made that decision a long time ago when tampering with the DNA results. You can live your dream life with Chelsea and Connor. You really want me gone, Adam can see. Not responding, Vikki leaves him to look at Chelsea’s number.

Meeting Billy at Society, Vikki boasts about making a deal with Adam. She found Chelsea’s number in Nick’s phone so gave it to him, along with 50 million. She made it clear that Christian was off limits. I had him right where I wanted him. Billy gives Vikki a kiss – cheers to that, they clink glasses.

Trying Chelsea’s number, Adam gets voicemail but leaves no message.

Sharon finds Ester all forlorn on the patio. Is everything OK? she asks. Ester’s troubled by seeing Adam. Sharon offers a fresh coffee on the house – then we can talk about whatever you want, or just sit here.

Kyle confirms that he’s on speakerphone with the IT department then tasks them with finding out who the counterfeiter is. If their products hit the market before ours we’ll all be looking for new jobs. If you succeed, the IT dept. will be treated to a big party on Jaboat. This is your chance to be heroes.

At Society, Lauren’s sorry to hear that Dina’s now in a facility. It’s what’s best for her, Jack would rather discuss business. There’s something I have to tell you. There’s a website selling knock-off products. It launches June 1st. If the IT department doesn’t get ahead of this we could lose everything. How did this happen? Lauren’s alarmed to hear the company is in Beijing and has even stolen the Jabot Collective logo. Unbelievable, she huffs (leading Jack to wonder if she knows something)

No, Lauren doesn’t know anything – she was just reminded of Chelsea’s similar scam on Fenmore’s. Jack’s sorry – he knows Lauren would tell him anything she knew. After Jack leaves, she makes a call – meet me at CL’s NOW Phyllis!

Neither Billy and Vikki are ready to go home – so skip out of the restaurant hand in hand.

Rey’s not comfortable lying to Sharon. She finds it difficult to say no, Nick comments – and wonders how Rey feels about her involvement with Adam. Not good, he admits. He’ll use her, Nick’s sure. He’d easily manipulate Sharon into talking. Rey’s firm – he can only accept the offer if he can be honest with Sharon about it. Welcome to Dark Horse, Nick shakes his hand.

Adam drops by Sharon’s – are you alone? he barges in. I need help and you’re the only one I can turn to.