Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Kyle comes home armed with paint and everything else needed to give Lola the ‘accent wall’ she wants.

At her place, Sharon’s not sure she’s the right person to be the messenger with Chelsea – things got ugly; she bashed me over the head before leaving town. Adam turns to Sharon because there is no one else. Sharon doesn’t feel forced – she’s choosing to help Adam and will let him know if he crosses any lines. As Adam asks for lessons in forgiveness, Rey returns home (looking none too pleased)

Also unable to sleep, Elena comes down to share a plate of fruit with Devon.

Tessa and Mariah come home from the park. Optimistic about the money Tessa made, Mariah’s not pretending to be a fangirl – she IS a fangirl. She figures putting $5 in motivates others to throw in too – but they wouldn’t if they didn’t love Tessa’s music. Ana was wrong to try to change you. But she’s right that I need an ‘image’ – and that’s why Tessa went shopping. An excited Mariah demands a fashion show.

Nate arrives to hear that Aby shut Society down early for their friendly get together. Nate wonders why she can’t say the word ‘date’ Date, date, date, Abby repeats – now let’s get this date started.

Devon gives Elena the last piece of fruit. Yes, he’s a gentleman because of Neil. Hard to imagine he won’t be around anymore. Devon likes to believe that both Neil and Elena’s Mother are watching over them. Both are struggling and appreciate being with someone who ‘gets it’ (losing loved ones)

Adam’s sorry to be there so late. Sharon did me a favour. Of course she did, Rey’s not thrilled about the ‘neighbourly visit’ but invites him to stay anyway. After Adam leaves, Rey wastes no time letting Sharon know that he had an ulterior motive – Nick’s hired him to watch Adam.

Abby brings out two entrees that Lola made up before she went home. Yes, this is a date, Abby’s sorry she didn’t say it before. She wasn’t planning to date just yet – but her regrets aren’t about tonight – they’re about Arturo. Better now than after a wedding, Nate knows that’s small comfort. Abby and Nate are both pessimistic about dating but amused to have that in common.

Tessa comes out in an outfit that Mariah doesn’t think right for her. Ana had a point about you needing an image the audience can hold onto. Mariah can relate – she’s has insecurities about being on TV. But tonight is girls night/fashion montage. Tessa doesn’t know how to be anyone else. Confirming that Tessa kept all the receipts, Mariah packs up the clothes – we’re taking them back. No, we’re not giving up – we’re just getting started.