Thursday, May 30th, 2019

No, Kyle’s never painted (except a birdhouse in school) He’s seen commercials so we’re good to go. What is this thing? holding up a paint roller, Kyle’s accused of being a nerd. Let’s do this already. Lola’s watched enough decorating shows to know there’s prep work – we have to lay a tarp, tape things off. Climbing on Kyle’s shoulders, Lola tapes over his mouth – and then the ceiling.

Bantering about how the nerd and the badass fell in love, a bare-chested Kyle says – oh look, you have something on your face. Lola laughs – oh, look, I got you back. The laughing lovebirds are soon chasing each other around the apartment armed with paint brushes.

Rey thinks Nick has good reason to want to keep an eye on Adam – demanding money is one thing, demanding he hand over the boy he raised as his own is crossing the line. Sharon thinks it’s a panic reaction – for Adam to get the last few years of his life back. Maybe he tried to intimidate Nick (no maybe as far as Rey’s concerned) – but his real focus is Chelsea and Connor. He said that? Rey’s surprised. Yes – that’s why Adam was here – to ask Sharon to call Chelsea. Never mind all that – kissing leads to clothes coming off.

Napping at the tackhouse, Adam has a dream that he’s with Chelsea – we’ve waited long enough. But the woman he turns around to face him is Sharon. You remember me – you remember everything, she purrs – I’m the one who brought you home. I’m the one here now. I love Chelsea, Adam stammers. But she’s gone and I’m here. I have to believe there’s a reason for that. Adam repeats that he still loves Chelsea. Knowing he has a lot of love inside him, Sharon suggests Adam loves them both ~kiss~ As clothes come off and things get hot ‘n heavy, the sound of a gunshot awakens Adam.

Sharon and Rey are in the bedroom making out; more clothes are removed as he flips her onto the bed.

Awakening from his dream, Adam get off the couch. Breathing heavily and holding his wound, he goes to open and look out the front door.

As Tessa puts on the shirt Mariah borrowed from the GC Buzz wardrobe department, Mariah pours wine and declares her ‘stunning’. I’m the luckiest person in the world, she gushes. Joined at the lips, Mariah then helps Tessa out of the blouse.